Kim Kardashian Says She’d Do Anything for Paris Hilton for Giving Her a Career

In a new clip for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim says she’d do anything for Paris Hilton because the hotel heiress gave her a career.

Kim Kardashians Says She’d Do Anything for Paris Hilton for Giving Her a Career

Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian recently said she’d do anything for Paris Hilton after the hotel heiress basically gave her a career. More than a decade ago, the reality TV star was Paris' personal stylist.

While Kim is now a Vogue cover girl, makeup mogul, mobile app creator, and reality TV royalty, she at one point spent her days cleaning Paris' closet. Her job was to clean out and organize the Hilton family's closets, sell their items on eBay, and then go shopping for new stuff. She was essentially the Hiltons' personal stylist - but she was also Paris' BFF. The two would go out shopping and clubbing together and were constantly snapped by the paparazzi. Kim made her reality TV debut with Paris on her and Nicole Richie's show The Simple Life. Once Kim's star started to rise, however, Paris had some not-so-nice things to say about her. Paris piled on during the media's sex-shaming of Kim after her sex tape with Ray J had been leaked, calling Kim a "hoe" to the press, saying that she "created" her, and sharing hurtful stories about her. But it's been ten years since then and it looks like Kim has officially forgiven Paris.

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In an exclusive look at Keeping Up with the Kardashians, posted to the show's YouTube channel, Kim told her sister Khloé that she was going to be in a music video for Paris Hilton. She told the aspiring pop star she'd do anything in the video but dance. Kim famously hates dancing - fans will remember the iconic moment Prince told her to get off his stage because she wouldn't dance with him. When Khloé said it was nice of the KKW Beauty founder to appear in the video for Paris, Kim said she'd do "anything" for Hilton because she "literally gave" her "a career." This is especially nice of Kim, Khloé pointed out in the clip, considering everything Paris has said about her.

Khloé told Kim most people wouldn't help Paris out; instead they'd rub it in her face that they're more popular now. But because Kim's so "sweet," she's really going out of her way to do this. However, Kim insisted it was important for her to be "loyal" to people who've helped her out in the past. Paris also helped Kim out by being in a Yeezy campaign last year, so it looks like the two former BFFs are both still supportive of one another. It was extra sweet of Kim to drop everything for Paris' music video, "Best Friend's Ass" - which was inspired by Kim - because at the time, she was expecting her fourth child, Psalm, and was prepping for the Met Gala. All good problems to have.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians fans will have to wait until the upcoming season airs next year to see the behind-the-scenes from Paris' music video. It was probably a lot different than the days of Kim organizing the heiress' shoes. Until then, Kim super fans can enjoy the 20 seconds of "Best Friend's Ass" where the reality TV star appears on-screen, smize-ing for the camera.

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