Kim Kardashian Empathizes with Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan Needing Privacy

Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Kim Kardashian says she empathizes with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's need to escape intense media scrutiny.

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Kim Kardashian, of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, says she empathizes with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle's current struggle with the media. While the members of the Royal Family are dealing with fallout from the never-ending scrutiny of British tabloids, Kim weighed in on their situation. Since she lives in the spotlight as well, the famous reality star said she understands the family's need for more privacy.

Harry and Meghan have been dealing with intense criticism from the British media since the start of their relationship. Recently, they've been attacked for refusing to spend Christmas at Sandringham, as per tradition, for keeping their son's christening private, and for their liberal use of private jets. Meghan specifically has received a lot of hate from the media for her unconventional approach to being a royal. Some tabloids have even blamed her for the rift between Prince Harry and Prince William. Recently, the royal couple decided to fight back. They took court action against two British tabloids who published deeply personal information about Meghan, making it clear that they will no longer stand for this unfair criticism. Their decision to go to court was accompanied by an emotional letter from Harry that explained the painful position their family had been put in by the media. Now, Kim K. is weighing in on the drama across the pond.

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In an interview with Australia's The Sunday Project documented by People, Kim was asked about the royal couple's situation. She started by commenting on Harry's deep, personal connection to the issue in the form of his mother, Princess Diana, who received similar treatment by the media before her death. She also said that, although no one can truly understand their specific situation, Kim connected with their desire to have a safe space for their child. "I can definitely empathize with their need for having a secure, safe place and taking time for themselves and having privacy when they need it," the mother of four said.

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While Kim may not know what it's like to be a royal, the star has certainly faced intense scrutiny herself. Just a few days ago, the middle Kardashian admitted that she cried the whole way home after the 2013 Met Gala, when Twitter users poked fun at her outfit by turning her into a meme. The star has also faced criticism regarding her marriage to rapper Kanye West, her parenting skills, her Instagram ads, and a multitude of other topics. Although she doesn't have a standard of behavior to conform to like Harry and Meghan, Kim's choice to be in the spotlight has certainly made her an expert on media scrutiny.

While Kim definitely understands public criticism, the most relatable part of her comments regarding Harry and Meghan surround the fact that she can't understand their journey. While Kim has chosen to air her personal life through a reality show, much of Harry and Meghan's backlash involves deeply personal issues they don't want in the public eye. They're the subjects of criticism through position, rather than choice. In addition, Harry's fear that the problems his mother faced will repeat themselves with Meghan is totally valid. The pressure placed on the royal couple is impossible to understand. Truly all of us, not just Kim K., should empathize with their need for safety and privacy.

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Source: People

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