‘The Killing’ Season 4 Preview Clip & Posters Revealed

Ahead of the August 1st premiere of the fourth and final season of The Killing, Netflix has released a preview clip and two new posters from the series to accompany the previously released previously released trailer. The Seattle-based crime drama centers on homicide detectives Sarah Linden and Stephan Holder, played respectively by Mireille Enos (World War Z) and Joel Kinnaman (the RoboCop reboot).

The video picks up directly after the events of season 3’s finale. A panicked Linden hurriedly sheds her pants and trademark sweater before stepping into a shower and letting blood and mud wash from her body and down the drain. After scrubbing the bathroom with bleach and packing the incriminating articles in a Hefty bag, the beleaguered detective burns them in a trashcan.

And then Holder arrives and says: “We’ve just got to keep out story straight Linden. No one’s gonna find out. No one’s got to know what we did.”

The sound of the shower from the beginning of the video immediately draws us into the clip, perfectly mimicking the seemingly endless Northwest rainstorms that often set the stage for the first three seasons of The Killing. And as Linden disrobes, she tosses away her warm, comfy clothes in exchange for a grey, streamlined outfit.

Gone is her decorative Norwegian sweater, her mom-look, everything that made us trust her character implicitly even as we watched her world crumble around her because of her maniacal devotion to her cases throughout the previous seasons. There’s no returning to this, the preview seems to say, no going back to what was. Or as the accompanying posters proclaim: The Past Can’t Be Washed Away.


Netflix The Killing Season 4 Poster Linden

Netflix The Killing Season 4 Poster Holder

The Killing first debuted on AMC back in 2011. The premiere drew the second largest audience for a new show on AMC behind The Walking Dead and earned critical high marks. It also launched the careers of its two stars, who were both highly praised for their work on the show (Enos even received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress).

Subsequent episodes were not quite as well received, and season 1’s cliffhanger finale drew such ire from critics, viewers, and the Internet in general, that there was little hope for the series continuing once the killer of Rosie Larson was uncovered at the end of season 2.

Then, in July of 2012, AMC announced The Killing would not be renewed for season 3.  But as they did with Arrested Development, Netflix arrived to breathe life into the show, which had a small but feverish following.

AMC broadcast season 3 of The Killing in the summer of 2013 and then, almost immediately after it’s finale, Netflix was given the rights to the entire show. Now, season 4 will be hosted exclusively on the streaming video juggernaut.

Centering on a murder at an all-boys military academy - while also dealing with the actions of the leads in the season 3 finale - season 4 looks to be every bit as dark and moody as its predecessors. The show’s slow, methodical pace is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but for that small following of devotees, August 1stcan’t come soon enough.

The Killing season 4 will be available August 1st, 2014 on Netflix. Seasons 1-3 are currently available.

Source: The Killing Facebook Page

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