Killing Eve: Villanelle's 10 Most Killer Outfits, Ranked

If television had a yearbook, the award for Best Dressed Assassin would go to Killing Eve's Villanelle, no contest. The glamorous hitwoman has a multitude of weapons in her arsenal, none more deadly than her wardrobe. Her array of sleek disguises is just as fashionable as her civilian clothes — though calling Villanelle a civilian is like calling a cheetah a house cat.

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Whoever said crimes don't pay sure hasn't looked at the price tags of Villanelle's designer couture. Which is fortunate, considering her bloody line of work. Her dry cleaning bills must be astronomical. Here is Killing Eve: Villanelle's 10 Most Killer Outfits, Ranked.

10 Naughty Neighbor

Villanelle is a mistress of disguise, even when she's off the clock. Pink is her perfect camouflage. This Phillip Lim statement bomber jacket is the style of a sweet, feminine Parisian, n'est-ce pas? Hardly the sort of ensemble of a deranged assassin who slices a man's femoral artery in broad daylight.

She certainly has her neighbor Sebastian fooled. Between Villanelle's ensemble and her bruised face, Sebastian thinks she's a damsel in distress. In reality, the only person he should be saving is himself. He becomes Villanelle's accidental casualty when he takes a whiff of her poisoned perfume. Whoopsie. Talk about dressing to kill, Villanelle.

9 Pajama Party

Wearing pajamas in public has a definite sadness about it. But Villanelle, in stolen boys' comic-print pajamas, looks anything but. First of all, she's a victim of circumstance. She was in the hospital being treated for a stab wound. What else was she to do but kill an orphan child and steal his clothes?

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Second, Villanelle can rock anything. These PJs perfectly complement her twisted personality. It's not often audiences love a cold-blooded killer but Villanelle has so much fun at what she does, we can't help but be charmed by her. Why not let her outfit be a reflection of her infectious, childlike glee?

8 Horsing Around


Villanelle's bosses are constantly telling her to tone down her flashy kills. They just don't appreciate her artistry. Sometimes Villanelle feels like a racehorse trapped in a stable. So why not dress like a sophisticated horseback rider on her way to a dressage competition? This Chloé horse-print blazer certainly is at the pinnacle of poshness. Her purple Isabel Marant blouse adds a splash of Villanelle color. But gorgeous as it is, the blazer-blouse combo alone is not enough to stand out. Not pictured is Villanelle's metallic silver pants, a nod to Y2K chic. Villanelle perfectly lands the dismount of this unhinged equestrian look.

7 Shop 'Til You Drop

The assassin game can be rough. Demanding bosses. Unpredictable hours. Always on the road. But with great sacrifice comes great reward, and Villanelle is one flush killer. She'd have to be, considering her penchant for designer duds. Her credit card bill is likely higher than her kill count.

After a hard day at the office, Villanelle treats herself to a little retail therapy. Of course, what fun is that without looking like the peak of glamour itself? A Burberry trench coat is all Villanelle needs while giving herself a much-deserved shopping spree. This is hardly Villanelle's loudest outfit, but the dusty rose makes her look elegant and effortless.

6 Tuscan Traveler

Villanelle may be a glamour-puss, but pretty dresses aren't going to cut it when travelling from Point A to Point B. Still, the beautiful Tuscan countryside deserves a beautiful outfit to match. Villanelle's airy Chloé blouse provides an attractive contrast to her cutoff denim shorts. Also, being a hitwoman means practical shoes are a must. Sky-high stilettos don't exactly go with motorcycles...or breaking and entering. So hello, Doc Martens.

Sometimes Villanelle's wardrobe choices are like a wall-to-wall abstract painting in an art gallery —beautiful to look at, but we wouldn't want it for ourselves. This is one look we would definitely go for...with the trip to Tuscany thrown in, please and thank you.

5 Café Society

We can't tell what's more to die for — Amsterdam's picturesque canals or Villanelle's outfit, in her signature pink. Scratch that. No offense, Amsterdam, but Villanelle's oversize Rosie Assoulin blouse wins hands down. She looks fabulous as always, but any worldly jet-setter can tie a knot in their blouse.

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What makes this look so distinctly Villanelle are those alluring, massive Christian Lacroix earrings. Her whole look is so fetching that a passerby asks if she can take a picture of Villanelle "for my Instagram." Villanelle's response is as cold as it is hilarious: "No, of course not. Don't be pathetic. Get a real life." Being a professional killer doesn't exactly mesh with social media. So admire Villanelle from afar.

4 Mistress of the House

What's the only thing that rivals Villanelle's love of fashionable frocks? Mind games. When she has a chance to merge the two, she's happy as a killer clam. For a hit in Tuscany, Villanelle needs to blend in at a swanky party so she pilfers a dress from her target's wife. Suffice it to say, Villanelle's choice, a blue Burberry dress, is villa party perfection. We never get to see the wife in the dress, but we're betting Villanelle wore it better. She turns heads at the party, attracting the attention of the host/future dead guy. Moments later, Villanelle lures him into the bedroom where she stabs him in the eye with a poisoned hairpin. At least he died looking at something beautiful.

3 Black Widow

What is life without a flair for the dramatic? Villanelle has been playing an international cat-and-mouse game with MI6 agent Eve Polastri and the two have developed a twisted, yet intimate bond. So even though Villanelle relishes the idea of butchering Eve, a part of her is legitimately sad about it. Hence the gothic funeral attire, a departure from Villanelle's usual, kill-happy-go-lucky pink. Eve may not be impressed by this black, Alexander McQueen frock, but she's got other things on her mind. Like not dying. The audience, on the other hand, is able to fully embrace Villanelle's gallows chic look.

2 Suits Me Fine

Villanelle can turn any place into her own personal catwalk. In this instance, it's a nightclub in Berlin, with Villanelle sporting a smart Dries Van Noten suit. And nothing says girl boss quite like a patterned suit. She matches it with a green zebra-print scarf she stole from Eve. Again, fashion and mind games go together like champagne and caviar. Seriously, Villanelle looks so sharp that assassin or not, people should know not to mess with her. Poor Bill. He follows Villanelle into the club, only to get stabbed to death for his efforts. In retrospect, she may have been a little hasty. Maybe he just wanted to ask her where she got her outfit.

1 Twisted Baby Doll


Villanelle does not like being told what to do. When she is ordered to undergo a psych evaluation, she thumbs her nose at the whole process by showing up dressed like a frothy, pink cupcake. This Molly Goddard pink tulle dress may not make a case for Villanelle's sanity, but it certainly does for her fashion sense...not to mention her sense of humor.

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Villanelle's point is, "Who cares how sane I am? I'm great at my job, so let me do it." Just so her evaluators don't fully mistake her for a passive porcelain doll, Villanelle pairs her explosion-in-a-Barbie-factory dress with a pair of heavy-duty Balenciaga boots. Villanelle may kill people for a living, but she sure slays at fashion too.

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