Killing Eve Trailer: The New Thriller From Solo’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge

BBC America has delivered the first trailer for the network’s newest thriller, Killing Eve, which was written by Fleabag creator and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The series is adapted from the work of Luke Jennings, and follows Eve (Sandra Oh), an MI5 officer with dreams of being something more. Those dreams are fulfilled when she comes across Villanelle (Jodie Comer), a psychopathic assassin who is the rare professional killer in film and television who really loves her job. As the trailer shows, once the two cross paths, they kick off an intense spy game with deadly consequences.

With its dark storyline and female lead characters, Killing Eve looks to be a good fit for BBC America, one that has the potential to fill the void left by Orphan Black when that series came to an end last year. Putting Oh in a lead role will also make the series an attractive one for fans of Grey’s Anatomy. Moreover, having Waller-Bridge on scripting duties should entice viewers who enjoyed her knack for smart dialogue with shows like Fleabag and Crashing (not the HBO series starring Pete Holmes). As an added bonus, Waller-Bridge has a role in Solo: A Star Wars Story, which certainly won’t hurt from a marketing standpoint.

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh in Killing Eve

Killing Eve, the thriller starring Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy) and Jodie Comer (The White Princess), giving a peek into the warped relationship between Eve (Oh) and Villanelle (Comer). Killing Eve centers on two women; Eve is a bored, whip-smart, pay-grade MI5 security officer whose desk-bound job doesn’t fulfill her fantasies of being a spy. Villanelle is a mercurial, talented killer who clings to the luxuries her violent job affords her. Based on the novellas by Luke Jennings and written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag), Killing Eve topples the typical spy-action thriller as these two women, equally obsessed with each other, go head to head in an epic game of cat and mouse.”

From the look of things, the series is set to make for an intriguing departure from the typical spy drama, by mixing in hints of a serial killer thriller. Meanwhile the promise of Eve and Villanelle matching wits and having the sort of snappy across-the-table encounters that make for great television looks to be a major selling point. For her part, Comer comes away with two great moments in the trailer alone, giving off a strong darkly comic vibe by first flipping a child’s ice cream into her lap and then toying with Eve about the right way to address a psychopath.

BBC America is already set to have a strong 2018 with the debut of Jodie Whittaker’s take on Doctor Who, and it looks as though Killing Eve will be a welcome addition to the network’s lineup.

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Killing Eve premieres Sunday, April 8 @8pm on BBC America.

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