Killing Eve Season 2 Trailer Quickly Spirals Out Of Control

Sandra Oh in Killing Eve Season 2 BBC America

Season 2 of Killing Eve is just about a month away from its premiere, and BBC America/AMC have released a brand new trailer that demonstrates how quickly the story will spiral out of control. One of the most talked and raved about new shows of 2018, the series, adapted from the Villanelle novellas of Luke Jennings by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, went on to rule the Game of Thrones-less spring, not only earning acclaim, but being the rare television series in this day and age of Peak TV to gain a live-viewing audience as the season progressed. And now, with a Golden Globe award under its belt, the series is set to return to the story of pair of obsessives, Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodi Comer), and their bloody will they, won’t they psychosexual romance. 

There’s a lot riding on the season 2 premiere for various reasons. Some of those are listed above, but most are tucked away in the show’s ongoing narrative, which ended in cliffhanger fashion when Eve stabbed Villanelle, just as things were beginning to really heat up between them. Since, then, Villanelle’s fate hasn’t exactly been behind locked doors; the various teasers and still images from the new season show that Comer’s eccentric assassin is alive, but not necessarily well — in either sense of the word. That could mean a different kind of trouble for Eve, as she’ll be tasked with not only locating Villanelle, but navigating the world of espionage, her duplicitous boss Carolyn (Fiona Shaw), and her troubled marriage that became less than a footnote halfway through season 1. 

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Mostly, though, the new season will have to figure out how a show like Killing Eve can work in what will presumably be the long run. In other words, how will lead writer Emerald Fennell and the rest of the show’s writers’ room maintain the central tension between Eve and Villanelle, without repeating themselves over and over again? If Killing Eve has proven anything in its relatively brief run it’s that it has more than earned the benefit of the doubt. Check out the full trailer for season 2 below, if you need any more convincing:

The trailer is playfully edited, giving viewers a good idea of just how much fun the series plans to have in the coming season. But, more than that, it puts much of its focus on Comer’s character, who more often than not stole the show last season (“Take me to the hole!” perhaps being the apex of a terrific performance). That, paired with the obvious dilemma facing Eve, as she weighs her options in and out of the intelligence agency she works for, looks as though it will make for a thrilling new season of television. 

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Killing Eve season 2 premieres Sunday, April 7 @8pm on BBC America and AMC.

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