Killing Eve Season 2 First Look Photos Reveal Aftermath Of Season 1 Finale

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh in Killing Eve

BBC America reveals the first look at season 2 of Killing Eve, following the jaw-dropping freshman year finale. Based on the espionage thriller book series Codename Villanelle by Luke Jennings, the show stars Sandra Oh (Grey's Anatomy) and Jodie Comer (Doctor Foster). It was one of the most critically acclaimed new series of 2018, earning Oh an Emmy and Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress; she'll be hosting the latter along with Andy Samberg in January 2019. The show was renewed for a second season prior to its BBC America series premiere, and was recently added to Hulu's new line-up of TV dramas.

Season 1 sets up the tilt-a-whirling hunter vs. the hunted game between Eve Polastri (Oh), a brilliant MI6 analyst, and Villanelle (Comer), a psychopathic assassin with the levity of a child and a deadly malevolence rivaling every 007 villain. As Eve spirals deeper into an obsessive pursuit, abandoning her domestic routine in the process, Villanelle's mutual and non-platonic fascination with the MI6 agent envelops her simultaneously. The two brilliant women continue coming face-to-face, with neither of them willing to take the other down out of insurmountable curiosity and fixation. That is, until the season 1 finale radically warps from a seemingly romantic encounter to a blood bath. With fans anxiously waiting for a cliffhanger resolution since, some clues have at last been revealed.

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EW released the first photos of Killing Eve season 2, showing what appears to be the immediate aftermath of season 1, and what Eve and Villanelle decide to do from there. While no date or trailer for the second season have been released yet, the show is expected to return in Spring 2019. Check out the photos below:

Killing Eve Season 2 Jodie Comer Villanelle 3
Killing Eve Season 2 Sandra Oh Eve Polastri
Killing Eve Season 2 Sandra Oh Eve Polastri 2
Killing Eve Season 2 Jodie Comer Villanelle 2
Killing Eve Season 2 Jodie Comer Villanelle
Killing Eve Season 2 Sandra Oh Eve Polastri Fiona Shaw Carolyn Martens
Killing Eve Season 2 Sandra Oh Eve

As seen above, fans can definitely look forward to seeing Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter) return as Eve's pragmatic but refreshingly personable boss Carolyn. Although no footage of them has been released yet, Kirby Howell-Baptiste and Kim Bodnia are expected to return as Eve's assistant Elena, and Villanelle's handler-turned-target Konstantin, respectively.

What can be presumed about the result of the season 1 showdown so far is that Eve is in shock and Villanelle is not. Eve has methodically walked the line between the safety net of her unremarkable life, and the part of her that yearns to experience the relentless hedonism of the woman she's chasing. Now that she's crossed the line by doing something unthinkable, the possibility of regaining an uncomplicated life is highly obscured. Meanwhile, Villanelle can be depended on to solve any conundrum, even her own mortal wounding dispassionately, and with the level of self-confidence that Eve aspires towards, but doesn't know how to obtain without losing her soul in the process. For Villanelle, inner-turmoil, especially as it applies to herself, is practically irrelevant.

It is clear that the game will continue, and that neither of the two will be willing to walk away from their relationship. Ultimately, the emphatic chemistry between Oh and Comer is what will drive another fantastic season that continues to redefine the spy genre.

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Killing Eve season 2 will premiere Spring 2019 on BBC America.

Source: EW

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