Killing Eve Season 2 Final Trailer: Love Makes Villanelle Do Crazy Things

Jodie Comer in Killing Eve Season 2

Villanelle, the unhinged assassin at the center of BBC America’s hit Killing Eve takes center stage in the final trailer ahead of the season 2 premiere. The series about obsession has built an obsessive following of its own, becoming one of the rare television shows that actually managed to grow its audience over the course of its first season. That success inevitably translated into awards consideration, as series co-star Sandra Oh netted an Emmy nomination and a Golden Globe win for her portrayal of the equally obsessed Eve Polastri, an intelligence agent who winds up in the midst of an entertaining (for the viewer, anyway) psychosexual drama with a remorseless killing machine. 

The first season ended on a surprising note, one that left the fate of Villanelle up in the air. Because Jodie Comer’s character is such a huge part of what made the series work in the first place, the marketing for season 2 hasn’t exactly been shy about answering the question of her wellbeing. Despite being stabbed by Eve (which is recounted in all its glory in this new trailer), it would seem Villanelle is still on the loose, and willing to do the unthinkable to get back with the woman for whom she’s developed such a relentless obsession, including wearing a pair of Crocs. 

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As made clear from the newest (and last) trailer for season 2, Killing Eve is ready to pick up right where things left off in season 1. Doing so will require a little narrative house cleaning, but it seems incoming head writer Emerald Fennell is up to the task, as the series does’t appear to have lost a step, either when it comes to pinpointing the curious obsession between Eve and Villanelle or in making the audience laugh at a woman who is essentially a serial killer. Check out the final season 2 trailer below: 

The new season of Killing Eve has a high bar to clear in terms of matching or exceeding the success of the first. And while the scourge of the “sophomore slump” is surely worth keeping an eye out for, it would seem that, from the trailers anyway, the series won’t have to worry about such things when it finally premieres in April. 

AMC (BBC America’s parent company) is so sure of this that it’s readied the series to air simultaneously across both networks, ensuring that if someone out there isn’t already obsessed with Killing Eve they’ll stand a better chance of developing an obsession when season 2 rolls around. With only a few weeks to go, it will be interesting to see what the reception is once the premiere hits. 

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Killing Eve season 2 premieres Sunday, April 7 @8pm on BBC America and AMC.

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