The 11 Most Awkward Eve & Villanelle Moments On Killing Eve

Killing Eve is one of the most interesting and entertaining shows on television right now. The darkly comedic and intense thriller follows Eve (Sandra Oh), an MI6 agent hunting down a dangerous assassin named Villanelle. As the two play their game of cat-and-mouse, they discover they share an unhealthy fascination for each other.

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The relationship between Eve and Villanelle is one of the most unique hero-villain duos ever seen on television. Their interactions are usually intense and often funny. Given that they always seem to be on the edge of either killing each other or making love, it has made for some uncomfortable encounters. Here are the most awkward moments between Eve and Villanelle on Killing Eve.

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11 At First Sight

The relationship between these two unusual people starts off in a predictably awkward way during a chance meeting in a hospital washroom. Eve is there checking on a witness while Villanelle is, of course, there to kill the witness.

Not knowing each other, Villanelle immediately sees something in Eve that she likes. After staring at her for an uncomfortably long time, Villanelle suggests Eve wears her hair down, which is advice Eve eventually follows. It is a strange moment between strangers that hints at the relationship to follow.

10 Unexpected Guest

After looking for each other for quite some time, Villanelle decides to pay Eve a little unannounced visit. It happens to be just as Eve is trying on the beautiful dress that Villanelle sent to her as a gift, so that starts things off on a very awkward foot.

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Understandably, Eve is a little frightened by having an assassin show up in her house so she tries to escape. This leads to a confrontation in the bathroom where Eve tries to defend herself with a toilet brush and Villanelle tries to calm her down by spraying her with the showerhead. Not the best formal introduction.

9 Dinner Date

Once Eve is all wet and calm from Villanelle's sudden visit, the world-class murderer ensures her that she just wants the two to have dinner together. This leads to one of the tensest and uncomfortable meals ever seen on television.

First of all, Eve doesn't have any food prepared and is forced to heat up some leftovers. The meal doesn't get any better from there as Eve tries to hide a knife which Villanelle quickly finds and dares Eve to use it on her. For any other pair, this would be the worst first date ever. But this encounter only makes these two more interested in each other.

8 True Feelings

Eve is a very resourceful spy and ultimately does what no one else could do – she finds Villanelle. After finding her apartment, Eve's frustration comes to a boiling point and she begins ripping the place apart. That makes things awkward when Villanelle returns.

As Eve holds the killer at gunpoint, these two women on opposite sides of the law finally come clean with each other. Eve confesses that she thinks about Villanelle all the time. And Villanelle, of course, shares way too much information about how often she thinks about Eve.

7 Eve Takes Control

With their feelings now out in the open, Eve and Villanelle try to see where this complicated relationship will go next. Both exhausted from their ordeals, they lie down in bed together. Just as it seems like they might embrace, Eve stabs Villanelle in the gut.

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Even a stabbing is awkward for these two as Eve immediately feels sorry for Villanelle and Villanelle responds by trying to shoot Eve. Just like that, their relationship gets even more complicated. These two cannot seem to decide if they want to kill each other or spend the rest of their lives together.

6 Lipstick

Villanelle loves expensive things and she also loves sending Eve some lovely gifts. She doesn't seem to realize or at least care that getting a gift from a notorious killer is a little off-putting. However, Eve is a complicated person as well as she begins getting more and more interested in these gifts.

However, when the two seem to finally be at odds, Villanelle sends Eve some lipstick. As Eve tries it on, it slices her lip and she discovers a blade hidden in the lipstick. Did Villanelle really mean to harm Eve or did she know Eve would secretly like it?

5 Co-Workers

Killing Eve Season 2 Finale Sandra Oh Jodie Comer

The relationship between Eve and Villanelle reaches a new and weirder stage as MI6 hires her for a special mission. As a tech billionaire appears to be developing some kind of weapon, Villanelle is hired to infiltrate his inner circle. This makes Eve and Villanelle co-workers and makes them closer than Eve is comfortable with.

Villanelle takes the unusual opportunity to teach Eve some workplace manners, try to have coffee with her and even give her relationship advice. Eve might act like it is a nuisance but this is also when she starts to really embrace that wilder side of herself.

4 Witness

As Eve and Villanelle begin to grow closer through their work together, Villanelle pushes harder for Eve to embrace that darker side. Eve always pushes back against those feelings so Villanelle forces her to participate.

As Villanelle tries to get closer to the tech billionaire's sister, she has to deal with a bodyguard getting between them. Making sure Eve is watching, Villanelle throws the bodyguard in front of a truck leading to a nasty death. Eve is horrified but doesn't turn Villanelle in, inching her even closer to the dark side.

3 Making A Choice

It seems like Eve and Villanelle can't just sit down and have a normal meal together. After Villanelle appears to give the safe word during her time with the tech billionaire, Eve comes to the rescue, only to find the two quietly sitting down for breakfast.

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Obviously, this blows Villanelle's cover which seemed to be her idea all along. She is then given the choice, kill Eve and live a life of extreme wealth or run away with Eve. The tension of her life-and-death decision breaks when she kills the billionaire right in front of Eve.

2 Eve Swings Away

After both being betrayed by their bosses, Eve and Villanelle choose each other. As Villanelle goes back to save Eve, she encounters Raymond, her old handler. As the two fight and Raymond is close to killing Villanelle, Eve puts an ax in his back.

With Raymond still alive, Villanelle encourages Eve to finish the job which she does in a grisly manner. With that, Eve has killed her first person and Villanelle watches with glee and pride. This is just the kind of bonding experience she was looking for.

1 The Confrontation

In the final scene of Season 2, Eve and Villanelle are finally together. They have chosen to leave their old lives behind and face their uncertain future side-by-side. That is until Eve sees that Villanelle has a gun. She realizes that she could have killed Raymond herself but forced Eve to do the deed.

Their future together comes crashing down as Eve begins to understand she is just another person Villanelle is manipulating and Villanelle is upset Eve is denying her. As Eve turns and leaves, Villanelle shoots her and walks away. While there will be a Season 3, this seems like a fitting and messy end to a very awkward relationship.

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