Movie News Wrap Up: June 7, 2010

Box Office

Everyone thought that Shrek 4 would underperform. Mediocre reviews and audience fatigue seemed to indicate that the animated film wouldn’t be a huge hit. Sometimes everyone can be wrong. Shrek brought in another $25 million over the weekend, giving it a total box office take of $184 million. Next weekend it should cross $200 million. It's still not as successful as the other films in the series, but considering that this is the fourth film in the franchise, it's doing okay.

The opening for Get Him To The Greek was far from a tragedy after grossing $17.4 million on its debut weekend. The Forgetting Sarah Marshall spin-off starring Jonah Hill and Russell Brand should end its run with about $60 million if all goes well.


Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher’s Killers had a soft debut with just $16 million. The lack of interest in the comedy-thriller seems to imply that Heigl and Kutcher’s moments in the sun are fading. At least Tom Selleck is back on the big screen.

Prince of Persia isn’t living up to expectations. The Jerry Bruckheimer production should finish the weekend with $14 million, giving it a cumulative haul just under $60 million. It’ll need strong legs overseas if it wants to turn a profit.

Sex and the City 2 dropped to fifth place on its second week. The television spin-off banked $12.7 million for a $73 million total. It should get to $100 million and with strong international grosses we might just see a third – although there are rumors of a prequel...

Fox’s Marmaduke opened to $11.5 million, while holdover Iron Man 2 banked another $7.5 million for a $292 million total. IM2 should out gross the original by a slight margin. Splice mirrored Iron Man grosses and opened like any other low-budget horror flick, with a take of $7.5 million.

After a month in the top ten, Robin Hood has now amassed $100 million after taking another $5.5 million. By next week it’ll have crossed the century barrier.

Sleeper hit Letters to Juliet rounded out the top ten. The romantic drama has now banked just under $44 million after grossing another $3.2 million. It should top out at $50 million.

Movie News

1. It looks like Martin Brest and Charles Grodin will be participating in Midnight Run 2 after all. Grodin is quoted as saying :

“I’ve been led to believe by someone I won’t name that they will ask me and I will consider it.”

The sequel to the 1988 film is expected to follow Robert De Niro’s pursuit of the son of Grodin’s character.

midnight run 2 robert de niro

Writer George Gallo and director Martin Brest are expected to come aboard as producers on the project, however the script will be handled by someone else.

Source: Deadline


2. Reese Witherspoon has been offered a role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s untitled religious drama.

The film stars Philip Seymour Hoffman in the role of The Master and Jeremy Renner as his protégé. If she accepts Witherspoon would play “the Master's wife Mary-Sue, who acts as his caretaker and vigilant lieutenant”.

Meanwhile Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone and Deborah Ann Woll are being considered for the role of Elizabeth, The Master and Mary-Sue's daughter.

[caption id="attachment_63488" align="aligncenter" width="547" caption="Seyfried, Stone and Woll"][/caption]

There’s something about the age of the actors involved here that doesn’t add up. It looks unlikely that Seyfried will be able to participate in the film as she is scheduled to shoot Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke's Girl With The Riding Hood.

Source: Play List


3. Fairy tales are now big business in Hollywood. Studios are developing numerous projects in the hope of living happily ever after with huge Alice in Wonderland-style grosses.

Relativity Media has purchased The Brothers Grimm: Snow White, a script written by Melisa Wallack. Brett Ratner will produce film through his Rat Entertainment production company.

Ratner said:

"This is not your grandfather's Snow White. Melisa went back to the 500 year old folk tale and put in some of the things that were missing from Walt Disney's film. His dwarves were miners, and here they are robbers. There is also a dragon that was in the original folk tale. Walt made one of the great movies of all time, but ours is edgy and there is more comedy. The original, made for its time, was soft compared to what we're going to do."


Source: Deadline


4. Avatar actress (and Oscar-winner!) Sigourney Weaver has Twilight star Taylor Lautner in Abduction.

"Weaver will portray a psychiatrist to Lautner's character, who discovers his own baby picture on a missing persons website."

John Singleton will direct the thriller.

Source: Variety



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That's it for now. See you at the movies.

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