Killer Instinct Video Game is Becoming a Comic Book Series

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The classic fighting game, Killer Instinct, is getting a comic series from publishing company Dynamite Entertainment. This is the first time the story has been adapted to print, and looks to expand the world of the video game. The game's focuses on a futuristic world where the 'Killer Instinct Tournament' pits fighters against one another as a sinister corporation uses it as a testing ground for new weapons.

Given that the games have all boasted a huge list of characters with extensive histories and stories - there'll be no shortage of familiar appearances for readers and players alike. This means that writer Ian Edgington has plenty to play with when approaching this new comic series, and he's written it so that fans of the original games can enjoy it, but also that newcomers don't have to be familiar with the games either.

The series is penned for release on September 12 this year as Dynamite Entertainment and Double Helix games partner together. Dynamite are working with Edgington and Cam Adams to create the new series. Edgington has written the story so that fans of the original games can enjoy it, but also that newcomers don't need to have played the games to understand. The comic series will revolve around heroes Kim Wu and Jago as they fight against the Ultratech Corporation who have banded with a group called the Coven. It will also see the pair rally together a group to travel to the 'Astral Plane' to fight an unimaginable evil that threatens the world in ruins. When speaking about his involvement in the project, Edgington expressed his excitement with the world he's been given.

"Killer Instinct has a colorful and diverse cast of characters, each with their own rich back-stories and with plenty more tales to tell. The Killer Instinct pantheon effectively comprises a superhero universe and it's hard not to get overwhelmed with the wealth of riches there is to work with. I've taken a dozen or so characters - Kim-Wu, Jago, Aganos, Tusk, Aganos, Kan-ra, etc, and built a story around them that's self-contained but can spring board into other series if need be. I've structured it to appeal to die-hard Ki fans and those coming to it cold. You won't need any foreknowledge of the game to enjoy it. Likewise, there will be plenty of nods and easter eggs to the game for Killer Instinct fans.  I've had a huge amount of fun writing this series. It's a fantastic world to be permitted to play around in."

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This isn't the first time that Dynamite Entertainment have taken a popular name and created a comic book out of the name. They've previously created comic series from Terminator, Army of Darkness and Robocop. With Killer Instinct being added to their list of titles, Dynamite's catalogue is about to get a little bigger.

With a whole host of characters to play with, Edgington definitely has his work cut out for him expanding the world of Killer Instinct. He's previously worked for 2000AD and has also been nominated for the Eisener Award on multiple occasions. Edgington has also penned popular characters like Batman, Wolverine, Judge Dredd and Doctor Who. He's even taken on Aliens, Predator and Star Wars. It's safe to say that Killer Instinct is in good hands.

The Killer Instinct comic series will debut on September 12, 2017.

Source: Dynamite Entertainment

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