'Kill Your Darlings' Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe Sparks A Literary Revolution

Yesterday, we were treated to a clip and a collection of new images from Sundance favorite Kill Your Darlings, John Krokidas' debut feature about the 1944 events that brought together the Beat Generation of poets - Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, and Jack Kerouac. This afternoon, as a follow up to that teaser footage, the first official trailer for the film has landed online, capturing more of the rebellious, transgressive spirit encapsulated in Beat culture while also showing off some of the heavily-lauded acting that comprises its core.

Think of Kill Your Darlings as the origin story for a group of literary titans; the picture takes us almost seventy years into the past, when Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe), Burroughs (Ben Foster), Kerouac (Jack Huston), and Lucien Carr (Dane DeHaan) first came together on Columbia University's campus and began forming a revolution of the written word (without ever actually writing a word to begin with, or so the trailer tells us). But their youthful, culturally significant revolt represents only one of the film's two halves.

While Krokidas clearly has dedicated a great deal of Kill Your Darlings' running time to illustrating the Beat authors' joint rejection of the established standards in poetry and society at large, it's equally evident that he's built his film to address a transformational moment in their history together: the murder of David Kammerer (Michael C. Hall) at the hands of Carr. How Kill Your Darlings approaches this act of violence is, of course, a mystery to be unraveled, but watching Krokidas balance out those two sides should prove interesting.

Nothing about Kill Your Darlings may be more interesting than its impressive cast of young, gifted actors, though. Radcliffe, long off the Harry Potter franchise, has been working hard to distinguish himself as his own man in plays like Equus and films like The Woman in Black, and this could be the role that vaults him into new acting echelons. Meanwhile, DeHaan - of Chronicle and, soon enough, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 fame - revealed himself as a talent to watch just one year ago, and he's been busy putting together a strong resume ever since.

They're joined by a plethora of other great performers - apart from Huston, Foster, and Hall, Elizabeth Olsen is on board as Edie Parker, Kerouac's first wife. Names alone should have the interest of movie lovers piqued, to say nothing of the glowing early reviews, which may increase in number as Kill Your Darlings plays at this year's TIFF. Could this be an early awards season contender? We'll wait and see when the film enjoys its theatrical run later this fall.


Kill Your Darlings arrives in US theaters on October 16th, 2013.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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