'Kill Me Three Times' Red-Band Trailer: Don't Double Cross Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg in Kill Me Three Times

Who can picture Simon Pegg as an assassin for hire? Pegg is best known for playing nice guys, basket cases, and man-children in films like Shaun of the DeadRun Fatboy Run, and Paul; in 2013's The World's End, he played all three at once. And while he has the odd Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol or Star Trek Into Darkness under his belt, along with his macho action hero turn in Hot Fuzz, they feel like career outliers.

So seeing Pegg front and center in the trailer for Kriv Stenders' Kill Me Three Times comes as something of a shock. The film focuses on Pegg's sardonic button man, Charlie Wolfe, as he takes a job from the wealthy Jack Taylor (Callan Mulvey); it seems that Jack wants his wife, Alice (Alice Braga), offed over extramarital matters. Sounds like a simple enough gig.

But if it was, well, Kill Me Three Times would be a much shorter movie. Turns out that struggling couple Nathan and Lucy Webb (300: Rise of an Empire's Sullivan Stapleton and Point Break's Teresa Palmer, respectively) are out to whack Alice, too, which complicates Charlie's life a good deal - and turns the whole film into a big old web of deception and backstabbing. (Well, handstabbing, at least, going by the latest red band trailer footage.)

Simon Pegg in Kill Me Three Times

Magnet's newly minted trailer is quite as NSFW as anyone might expect from a red-band clip; there's a coterie of excellent swearing and a few brief shots of sick violence, which suggests that the film lives up to its early notices. And hey, what do you know; Pegg looks terrific as the increasingly harried Charlie, who appears to fall further out of his depth as the action escalates.

More importantly, the teaser lets us know when audiences can see Kill Me Three Times for themselves; it's on VOD in March and in theaters in April. Pegg's name ought to be enough to convince genre fans to give it a look. Will you check it out once it's available?

Kill Me Three Times will premiere on VOD on March 26th, 2015, and open in theaters a couple weeks later on April 10th.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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