10 Kill La Kill Cosplay That Will Completely Wreck You

If you're looking for a wild, over-the-top, unapologetic, action-packed anime to add to your summer watchlist, look no further than Kill la Kill. The series saw a spectacular 24-episode run that was filled with weapon-infused fight sequences and outlandish character outfits. In fact, the outfits are a big part of the Kill la Kill world. The main storyline focuses on clothing materials dubbed "Life Fibers," which imbue the wearer with superhuman abilities. Add in the fact that these fibers fall into the hands of teenagers at a fictional high-school and you know you're in for a classic (and often comedic) anime adventure.

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We won't spoil too much of Kill la Kill's entertaining story but we will give you a look at the colorful cast of characters as interpreted by some wonderfully talented cosplayers. A lot of work went into the creation of these outfits, with some performers going above and beyond to give us some truly imaginative photos. Here are 10 Kill la Kill Cosplay That Will Completely Wreck You.

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10 Just Another Day At Honnouji Academy

To truly capture a character in cosplay, it isn't enough to simply dress like them. You need to capture their personality too. This is exactly what cosplayer Inushio did with their rendition of protagonist Ryuko Matoi. Not only is the costume spot on, but you can feel the frustration and "just another day at the office" attitude resonating from this shot.

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The aftertouches are great, with little spots of fire and they did a great job picking a location that looks and feels like it takes place beneath the skyscrapers of a Japanese city.

9 Taking A Band Break

Anyone who has seen Kill la Kill can attest to the truly wacky things that happen as a product of Life Fibers. One great example hides in the uniform worn by Nonon Jakuzure. Her "Symphony Regalia" outfit can transform into a massive sound system and even morph into an impressive airship. MahoCosplay did a great job replicated Nonon's outfit, especially her oversized hat.

8 The President Herself

Every good action-packed anime needs a stellar antagonist and Satsuki Kiryuin does not disappoint in that regard. She's proudly placed atop the Student Council totem pole, and for good reason. Along with being ruthless and cunning, Satsuki wields a katana capable of cutting Life Fibers.

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Green-Makakas goes above and beyond to bring this character to life by showcasing an impressive pose. As technology becomes more accessible and people embrace photo manipulation more, we start to see an abundance of well-placed special effects. It really does help bring these characters to life.

7 Quite The Delinquent

Every good hero needs a sidekick. Enter Mankanshoku Mako, an energetic but sometimes "thoughtless" character who instantly befriends Ryuko upon her transferring to Honnouji Academy. Regardless of what many see as mental-shortcomings, Mankanshoku has a big heart and would do anything to help her friend. Cosplayer Ying-Juan showcases the battle-ready side of the spunky sidekick after she gains access to her own outfit.

6 The Athletic Leader

Nonon isn't the only member of Satsuki's imposing Student Council. Three other figures make up the tyrannical school leaders. The leader of the athletics clubs is Uzu Sanageyama. When we first meet him, he is capable of predicting his opponents moves with super-fast eyesight, making him an absolute pain to fight against. Cosplayer RavenAIx gives us a glimpse at Uzu's "base form," before certain events in the anime change his appearance and abilities.

5 The Big Man

If Uzu Sanageyama doesn't seem like an imposing force, just take a look at Ira Gamagoori. This behemoth student waited two years (until he was 20) to join Satsuki at Honnouji Academy and help her with her well-devised plans. His outfit goes through a multitude of transformations, at one point covering his body in an array of painful thorns. Needless to say, Ira is not someone you'd want to tangle with.

Cosplayer chiaku does a stellar job capturing this foe's powerful glare. We especially love the bright and boisterous Kanji, which creates a unique 3D effect and has this particular cosplay looking like a wanted poster.

4 Devising Her Next Plan

When Satsuki isn't busy slicing through her enemies and pestering the main protagonist Ryuko, she spends her time thinking about her next move. Her cold and calculating demeanor is captured beautifully by cosplayer ThelmaTherion. A lot of work went into perfecting her outfit but it's the careless stare and stoic stance that really sell this photo.

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It's one thing to dress up as your favorite anime character but it takes a lot of skill and dedication to pull off their signature looks and mannerisms.

3 A Cut Above The Rest

When Ryuko transfers to Honnouji Academy, she becomes an instant threat to the Student Council there. Not only is she on a mission to discover the menace that slew her father, but she possesses one half of a mysterious weapon that was built to sever Life Fibers.

Cosplayer Disharmonica shows off one half of the impressively-large scissors while striking a stunning pose to boot. You can tell a lot of work and love went into the creation of that prop.

2 The Honnouji Academy Elite Four

Satsuki may be the Student Council President but she doesn't always have time to get her own hands dirty. That's where her Elite Four come in to play. Each one of these Life fibers–clad foes comes equipped with an array of impressive and powerful abilities.

The quadruplet of ImMuze (Uzu Sanageyama), DIVA Cosplay (Nonon Jakuzure), Lenneth XVII x MAKO (Houka Inumuta), and Fry Fry Photography (Ira Gamagoor) combine forces to create a stunning look at Kill la Kill's antagonists.

1 Props Make The Picture

When it comes to capturing a character in all of their anime-inspired glory, props can make all of the difference. This is especially true in Kill la Kill, which features some outlandish weapons, designs, and vehicles.

What better way to end this list than with a stunning shot from cosplayer fenixfatalist and photographer Eva, who combined to bring Ryuko into the real world, complete with a logo-laden motorcycle.

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