I Kill Giants Trailer Brings Graphic Novel to Life

Graphic novel adaptation I Kill Giants takes a step closer to release through the launch of its first full trailer. The film is based on the critically acclaimed limited series by Image Comics, which debuted back in 2008 on a wave of strong praise. Written by Joe Kelly with art from J.M. Ken Niimura, I Kill Giants tells the story of Barbara Thorson, a young girl looking for escapism through a world of fantasy.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the comic was picked up by Treehouse Pictures in 2015, with The Conjuring 2 star Madison Wolfe signing on to star as Barbara Thorson and Zoe Saldana taking on the role of school counselor Mrs. Mollé. Not only that, but Imogen Poots also joined I Kill Giants, playing the role of Barbara Thorson's older sister. With an impressive cast, fans of the comic have been excited to see more from the Anders Walter-directed project.

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Finally, the wait is over for the full trailer for I Kill Giants, and the brief glimpse of the final product shows off more of that blur between fantasy and reality that fans would have expected. Toeing the line between the interpersonal relationships of Barbara and those close to her and the mythical beasts themselves, I Kill Giants is gearing up to be an interesting take on magic realism.

Madison Wolfe in I Kill Giants

Based on the trailer shown here, director Anders Walter looks to have been able to bring a real visual impact to the film. However, what will make or break I Kill Giants is whether it's able to successfully translate the comic's characters to the big screen. The Image Comics original earned plaudits for its exploration of the connections Barbara has with those around her, and so the film will definitely need to do the same.

Fans of the comic will not have long to wait to find out exactly how I Kill Giants fares, though. The movie is coming to theaters, Video On Demand, and Digital HD on March 23, 2018, and so it's only the matter of a few months to see how successful this adaptation has been.

Right now, the project is building up to be something of a visual spectacle, and if it manages to successfully blend the two opposing sides of the story then I Kill Giants could be an adaptation that lasts long in the memory. With an Oscar-winning director and the pen of the writer of the limited series behind it, hopefully the end result will live up to the potential that the original comic showed.

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