15Tarantino converted the Crazy 88’s fight scene to black and white to avoid an NC-17 rating

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

Despite the fact that the jets of blood are so massive that they look cartoonish, the MPAA threatened to give the movie a NC-17 rating.

You’d think that Quentin Tarantino, given his studio backing, would earn some leeway from the MPAA. However, it turns out that the climax of Vol 1-- where The Bride relieves countless members of the Crazy 88s gang of their limbs-- almost led to the movie receiving a NC-17 rating.

Tarantino eventually

turned to a time-honored trick in order to pull one over on the MPAA and changed part of the Crazy 88’s fight so that it would be shown in black and white.

Who knows why violence is any less visceral when it’s not in color, but for whatever reason, it worked. Vol 1 and 2 were released with an R-rating, and only unrated version of the home release contain the full-color version of Vol 1’s iconic fight.

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