Kill Bill 3 is Never Going to Happen

Following Uma Thurman's allegations against Quentin Tarantino's reckless on-set behavior, it looks like Kill Bill Vol. 3 will never happen.

Among fans, the idea of a Kill Bill Vol. 3 has never truly died. In the decade-and-a-half since the first two gory masterpieces, hints have been dropped in dribs and drabs, creating an expectation that the project would eventually see the light of day like other Tarantino passion projects (see: Inglorious Basterds). However, in light of recent events, it seems Kill Bill 3 will never see the light of day.

Despite its title, Kill Bill was never really about the eponymous villain. Rather, it was about the Bride’s vendetta: why she hated Bill and what she would go through to get her revenge. Per Tarantino, a potential third entry would have would have seen Vernita Green’s daughter Nikki going on a similar journey of revenge against the Bride for the death of her mother in the first chapter’s opening scene. It would likely also have seen a showdown between the two daughters, and underline the cyclical nature of violence, which has often been a companion if unintended theme in Tarantino’s films.

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In 2015, Tarantino suggested Kill Bill 3 could actually happen:

“There definitely is a possibility… stop short of saying a probability. But there could be. For one reason in particular… Uma and me would have a really good time working together again. I put the character of Beatrix Kiddo through a lot, and I wanted [Kiddo] to have this much time for peace.”

Now, however, things are more complicated. Thurman has revealed herself as one one of the women abused by Harvey Weinstein, whose company produced Tarantino's films. In her expose to the NYT, Thurman also published a production video from Kill Bill shoot that ended with her gravely injured - a fact that was kept secret for many years.

Kill Bill

In Kill Bill Vol. 2, the Bride drives a blue convertible on her way to finally confront Bill. The scenic and dream-like visual has become iconic in the nomenclature of the film. Unfortunately, it came at a cost. It was known on set that the car’s engine had been converted from manual to automatic and that it wasn’t running well. Tarantino needed a shot that required her to be driving and lied to Thurman about its safety. Unfortunately, the car crashed and Thurman was so badly injured that she still feels pain in her knees and neck to this day. Miramax even denied her access to the footage unless she first signed away her right to sue them. Though she declined, Tarantino recently - if 15 years too late - handed the video over.

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What's clear from this story isn't just the abuse Thurman suffered from Weinstein and Tarantino, but that there's a serious rift between the actress and the latter filmmaker. She hasn't worked with Tarantino since and her accusations here would suggest that's not going to change, removing any chance of a third Kill Bill - and understandably so.

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