15Young Justice

The incredibly successful Cartoon Network show Young Justice was about young superheroes living within the DC universe. The show was focused on the teenaged sidekicks of Justice League superheroes. A great aspect of this cartoon was that it had strong views on equality. They gave the

girl characters interesting backstories, which brought in a lot of young female viewers. Unfortunately, this great effort to include strong female role models was the reason why the show was canceled.

There were a lot of fingers pointing at each other over who first claimed that female viewers weren’t as valued as male viewers. Either way, the reason was clear: someone with power wanted more male characters than females, and couldn’t see a way of working with both. Some say it was because the toys were marketed at boys, so the girl viewers were impacting toy sales. Others say that it was because Cartoon Network wanted to brand themselves as a network purely for boys.

Either way, Young Justice was canceled because too many young girls watched the show and that apparently was a bad thing. The good news is that it's coming back soon after a long hiatus.

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