15 Kids' Shows Canceled For Surprising Reasons

Shows aimed at children and pre-teens usually have a light-hearted tone and emphasis on lessons  compared to their adult counterparts. Kids' shows usually have a long life-span due to their loyal fan-base, profits from supplemental merchandise, and general artistic consistency. However, when push comes to shove, networks will cancel any show if it turns out that the product isn't meeting the company's standards and views.

Since most shows aimed at kids usually feature children or young adults, networks make sure that the stars they employ meet their standards, to make the shows feels more grounded or relatable. Even more so, they make sure the messages they're portraying are relevant and have commercial value.

Most shows get canceled because of low-ratings, but some are canceled for shocking reasons involving the stars or the content of the show. When it comes to kids' shows, the image of the network is key, and if any component of the show doesn't fit the image, they're immediately canceled.

Whether they were canceled due to stars acting out of line, behind-the-scenes drama, or the wrong fan base attached to the show, here are 15 Kids' Shows That Were Canceled For Shocking Reasons.

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15Zoey 101

Zoey 101 was one of the most popular shows on Nickelodeon thanks to its ensemble cast and unique premise that focused on teenagers living at a beautiful boarding school. Starring Jamie Lynn Spears as the titular Zoey, the show dealt with themes such as growing up, finding friends in a new environment, and teen love.

One of the core components of the show was the back-and-forth between Zoey and Chase, with the latter having a huge crush on the former. However, audiences never found out if they got together because the show was unfortunately canceled due to unforeseen events in real life.

Spears, who was 16, found out that she was pregnant, and the network didn't want to associate Zoey's "good girl" look with Spears choice. The show was abruptly canceled. Unfortunately, the world will never find out if Zoey and Chase ended up together.

14Young Justice

14 Things you need to know about Young Justice

Young Justice is considered by many to be one of the greatest animated superhero shows of all time, which makes its cancellation even more mind-boggling. The show was praised for its use of mature themes and emphasis on diversity and equality in a genre that didn't focus on it.

Despite positive reception from fans and critics alike, the show was canceled for two shocking reasons. The first reason was that the show wasn't goofy enough, and secondly, too many girls were watching it.

The network wanted an emphasis on storylines that appealed to boys because boys were more likely to purchase action figures, as opposed to girls. In turn, boys would more likely watch a show with goofy and funny elements, as opposed to mature storylines like the ones that were on display.

The network couldn't find a way for the show to work and pulled the plug on it because it didn't appeal to their expected audience.

13Reading Rainbow

It's rare for the US government influences the cancellation of a show, but that was exactly the case for the iconic educational TV series Reading Rainbow. The show was on the air for over two decades and was the receiver of over two hundred broadcasting awards thanks to its educational content and its influence on the youth.

Reading Rainbow encouraged children to read and focused on a new theme every week. The show focused on how powerful and influential reading is, not how essential it was, which was what rubbed executives the wrong way when George W. Bush became president.

Under the Bush administration, there was a higher emphasis on the basic function of reading as opposed to reading for enjoyment and to foster one's imagination. Reading Rainbow was canceled because it taught kids what reading would do for them, as opposed to teaching them how to read.


Way before the Kidz Bop was all the rage in North America, British audiences had the chance to revel in Minipops. Airing in the early '80s, the show was targeted toward children and preteens and focused on young children singing classic and contemporary songs.

The main gimmick of the show was that the children were made to look like the original performers, right down to the clothing. Apparently no one at the British network Channel 4 realized that this would end horribly, and the series was given a one season order of six episodes.

Unfortunately, parents realized that the children were singing songs with suggestive lyrics that clearly weren't meant to be heard by children. Furthermore, adults didn't appreciate that the children on the show were doused in make-up and wearing clothes that no one their age should be wearing. Channel 4 heard the pleas of parents and canceled the show immediately.

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