Kids React to The Room & Disaster Artist Trailer (Video)

In the latest installment of the Kids React to... series, children react to both The Room and its upcoming making-of film, The Disaster ArtistThe Room, mysterious director Tommy Wiseau’s misbegotten 2003 indie movie-turned accidental cult classic, has emerged as the most famous midnight movie since The Rocky Horror Picture Show. There are organized audience call-outs, frequent live appearances by Wiseau and other cast members, and even a whole side industry of books and documentaries related to The Room.

One of those is The Disaster Artist, the memoir of actor Greg Sestero, who played Mark in the original film. The book has now been adapted into a movie of the same name, directed by James Franco, and starring Franco and his brother as Wiseau and Sestero. A very funny teaser trailer for The Disaster Artist debuted two weeks ago, ahead of the film’s release in December. Now, young children are weighing in.

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FBE’s Kids React To… series, which has previously featured everything from 1980s popular music and outdated technology to President Donald Trump, has released a new video featuring the reactions of children to footage from both The Room and the Disaster Artist trailer. As absurd as Wiseau’s creation is when standing on its own, the reactions by children just serve to underscore its underlying weirdness - and between bewilderment and questions over Wiseau's intentions, they're not all that different from typical adult reactions.

With the exception of one 13-year-old, who was familiar with the film prior to his participation in the video, the kids seem rather weirded out by The Room. They’re shown such infamous scenes as the “I did not HEET her” sequence, the “you are tearing me apart Lisa” moment, the football-tossing, and the strangely paced scene in the flower shop, which Wiseau closes with “hi, doggie!” Several of them, naturally, break into their own Wiseau impressions, which to be fair is hard not to do. Eventually, they realize that Johnny (Wiseau’s character) is a jerk and shouldn’t be so cruel to Lisa. Overall, even the children realize there’s something off with the pace, acting and production values of The Room.  Later when they’re shown the trailer of the Franco version, they’re noticeably impatient with Franco-as-Wiseau’s delivery of the line.

A disclaimer on the video states that foul language was removed from any clips that were shown to the children, which is good; they are also, of course, not shown any of the movie’s violence, nor its notoriously long, poorly-blocked and none-erotic sex scenes. It does make you wonder, though, how that 13-year-old managed to see the entire film, prior to now.

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