Kids In the Hall Revival Miniseries May Be in the Works

Influential sketch comedy group The Kids in the Hall may be returning to TV with a revival miniseries. With so much of the current TV landscape trading heavily on nostalgia, it's not too surprising that The Kids in the Hall are possibly next on the docket for a comeback. In the era of reboots and revivals, just about everything old seems to be new again, at least as long as a network or studio thinks that a fanbase for that thing still exists.

The Kids in the Hall first formed in 1984, and had found what would become its five core group members by 1985. Consisting of Dave Foley, Bruce McCullough, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson, The Kids in the Hall are best remembered for their self-titled TV sketch series, which originally premiered on HBO in 1989. By the time the series wrapped up in 1995, it had migrated to Comedy Central. Over 100 episodes were produced in total, with some episodes featuring different sketches when broadcast in the U.S. than they did when aired in the group's native Canada.

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Following the end of their TV show, The Kids in the Hall would release a film together called Brain Candy, then embark on a few live tours during the 2000s. In 2010, KITH made their return to TV, starring in an eight-part miniseries titled Death Comes to Town. During a recent interview with News-Press, KITH co-founder McDonald revealed that the entire group had just been contacted by Lorne Michaels, producer of the original series. Here's what Michaels proposed, according to McDonald.

"Last night, before I got on the plane, we got a Kids in the Hall group message to all of us. Lorne Michaels wants us to do what ‘Mr. Show’ did, and do like six episodes of sketches for something like Netflix."

While Michaels - best known for creating and producing Saturday Night Live - has yet to comment on the matter publicly, it's hard to imagine that McDonald would put that kind of information out there if he didn't think that the project in question was likely to come to fruition. That said, later in that same interview, McDonald made sure to emphasize that talks for a KITH revival are in the very early stages, and that it may be tough to work around the busy schedules of the individual members.

If a revival miniseries of The Kids in the Hall does indeed happen, one wonders if Netflix would be interested in picking it up. After all - as McDonald notes above - the streaming service already did something similar with 2015's W/ Bob & David, an unofficial revival of 1990s HBO sketch series Mr. Show. Potentially working in the Kids' favor though is that Netflix has been pushing hard as of late to establish itself as a big player in the comedy arena, and bringing back The Kids in the Hall would certainly only help them in that goal. Either way, one assumes that even if Netflix were to pass on the idea, another outlet would probably be interested.

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Source: News-Press [via The Wrap]

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