Attack the Block Director Sets Cast For Kid Who Would Be King

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Director Joe Cornish is returning to theaters with The Kid Who Would Be King, starring Patrick Stewart. When Joe Cornish brought Attack the Block to theaters, the film quickly became a cult hit and a favorite amongst critics. Following its success, it seemed certain that both Cornish and star John Boyega were poised for big things. But while Boyega went on to join the next generation of Star Wars films and will soon be seen in Pacific Rim Uprising, Cornish's career has gone somewhat quiet.

After six years away from filmmaking, however, Cornish is all set to return with next year's The Kid Who Would Be King. The movie has been quietly moving along, with a slated release date for next September. It will tell the modern tale of a boy named Alex, who discovers the fabled Excalibur of Arthurian legend. The movie has also locked in an impressive cast, at this stage.

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Empire is reporting that Stewart will be joined by Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation) in Kid Who Would Be King. Stewart will play Merlin in the film, allowing him to join his BFF Ian McKellen on the list of actors who have played iconic wizards. Ferguson, meanwhile, will play the equally powerful Morgana, who seeks Excalibur as part of a scheme to destroy the world.

Alongside the adult actors, Louis Serkis will play the young Alex. The son of Andy Serkis, Louis has previously worked on Alice Through the Looking Glass and the FX series Taboo. Playing Alex's friends will be Dean Chaumoo as Bedders, Tom Taylor as Lance, and Rhianna Doris as Kaye. Angus Imrie, meanwhile, will play the younger version of Merlin. While no other details are known about the film at this time, it seems as if the kids may find themselves transformed into the heroes of Arthurian legend.

Like Robin Hood and Peter Pan, King Arthur is one of those public domain heroes that keeps on inspiring more and more movie/TV projects. Guy Ritchie's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword bombed at the box office earlier this year, but The Kid Who Would Be King may have more success putting a fresh spin on that well-worn tale, given the cast involved and Cornish's deft hand, With the film coming up fast, we should know more soon.

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The Kid Who Would Be King arrives September 2018.

Source: Empire

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