The Kid Who Would Be King Trailer #2 Teases Modern King Arthur Story

Joe Cornish's The Kid Who Would Be King trailer and character posters offer a new look at the modern take on the classic story of King Arthur.

The Kid Who Would Be King Trailer & Poster

Fox releases the second trailer for The Kid Who Would Be King along with new character posters, showing that the legend of King Arthur’s “Sword in the Stone” is alive and well, and with a famous actor’s son in the lead role.

Directed by Joe Cornish - the visionary behind the 2011 film Attack the Block, starring a pre-Star Wars John BoyegaThe Kid Who Would Be King is the latest big screen spin on the magical Excalibur story. In Cornish’s version, Andy Serkis’ son, Louis Ashbourne Serkis, stars as Alexander Elliot, a 12-year-old who gets bullied and struggles to assert himself. That all changes when he discovers a mysterious sword, thus prompting a modern fantasy tale full of wink-of-the-eye humor and young adult themes. Last October, The Kid Who Would Be King’s first trailer focused on a “tough world,” in which Alexander contemplates change, along with his new friend Merlin, the legendary wizard who takes the form of a 16-year-old in order to look after an icon-in-the-making. Along with directing The Kid Who Would Be King, Cornish also wrote the screenplay, and the film features Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible – Fallout) as the antagonist Morgana, along with The Dark Tower’s Tom Taylor. In addition, both Patrick Stewart and Angus Imrie portray Merlin.

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Today, Fox premiered The Kid Who Would Be King’s second trailer, which introduces more narrative details with a blend of comedy and mythology. Additionally, Fox unveiled new character posters for the core team. See the trailer and posters below.

The Kid Who Would Be King Poster Bedders
The Kid Who Would Be King Poster Kaye
The Kid Who Would Be King Poster Lance
The Kid Who Would Be King Poster

In the new trailer, failure looms over young Alexander, along with a well-meaning Merlin who wears a Led Zeppelin tee. Voiceover narration establishes themes of leadership and free will, thus creating the foundation for the lead character’s central conflict. On one level, Alex attempts to overcome daily dilemmas with his peers, but the trailer suggests a larger narrative at work, and that the boy is destined to rise above petty drama. In the second half, the tone lightens up a bit as Alexander attempts to organize his own army while reminding everybody that he is, in fact, just a kid. 

The Kid Who Would Be King seems to have a similar narrative vibe as the director’s cult classic Attack the Block, as young people balance practical life issues with larger concerns. Cornish - who appears as "Bob" in Edgar Wright’s 2007 classic Hot Fuzz - not only wrote the script for Steven Spielberg’s 2011 film The Adventures of Tintin, but helped develop the script for Marvel's Ant-Man, a film with a turbulent production backstory.

Based on Cornish’s previous work, audiences can expect high entertainment with The Kid Who Would Be King, along with some fresh humor that’s both timely and clever.

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