The Kid Who Would Be King Trailer & Poster: Morgana Gets Schooled

The King Arthur mythology gets a fresh twist in the trailer and poster for Joe Cornish's fantasy adventure, The Kid Who Would Be King. Louis Ashbourne Serkis (who, yes, is Andy Serkis' son) stars in the film as Alex, an ordinary British schoolboy whose life is forever changed when he stumbles upon the Sword in the Stone itself, Excalibur. Before he knows it, Alex is teaming up with Merlin (Patrick Stewart) to do battle with Morgana (Rebecca Ferguson), an ancient sorceress hell-bent on taking over the world.

Kid Who Would Be King itself serves as Cornish's long awaited followup to his directorial debut on the acclaimed 2011 sci-fi action-comedy, Attack the Block. Much like his Arthurian re-imagining, Cornish's first movie also followed a young unlikely hero - played by a pre-Star Wars John Boyega - as they took on a larger than life threat threat (in that case, extraterrestrials). The writer/director seems to have a flair for imaginative adventure fare in general, as further evidenced by his contributions to the scripts for Steven Spielberg's Adventures of Tintin and Edgar Wright's original version of Ant-Man.

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Cornish has once again put that knack for creative adventures to use for The Kid Who Would Be King, as the movie's newly-released trailer demonstrates. You can watch the trailer in the space below, then check out the film's official poster (which 20th Century Fox unveiled online earlier this month).

As The Kid Who Would Be King trailer illustrates, Merlin is actually played by both Stewart and newcomer Angus Imrie in the film. Cornish explained the idea behind this plot point during an interview with EW (which was done in coordination with the trailer's premiere):

“In the legend, Merlin lives backwards in time. [Our Merlin] has got magical powers that allow him to transform into his older self. I thought that was a cool way to express the fact that we’re all different ages inside us, whatever the outer appearances of us, we’ve all got stupid kids inside us, and tired old people inside us.”

The Kid Who Would Be King trailer further suggests that the film has a sense of humor about itself, yet takes a refreshingly earnest approach to the idea of modern kids embracing the ideals of "nobility and chivalry", as Cornish has phrased it. The filmmaker likewise described the movie to EW as being a "thrilling action-adventure for the whole family", which is very much the general vibe one gets from the trailer footage released thus far. While it remains to be seen if this film comes anywhere near to scaling the same artistic heights as Attack the Block did before it, Cornish's sophomore effort certainly seems more inventive than your average re-imagining of the Arthur legend.

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Source: 20th Century Fox, EW

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