Kid Rock to Be Inducted Into WWE Hall of Fame

Musician Kid Rock is set to become the next inductee into the "celebrity wing" of WWE's Hall of Fame, ahead of WrestleMania XXXIV. While a fairly obvious attempt to draw extra mainstream attention to WrestleMania weekend each year, the celebrity wing is in theory intended to honor stars from outside the pro wrestling world that have made some type of memorable contribution to WWE history. Some of the celebrities inducted so far have contributed more than others, but all in all, it's a relatively harmless addition to the annual ceremony.

WWE doesn't necessarily induct a celebrity into the Hall of Fame every year, but past honorees have to date included baseball legend and Kane nemesis Pete Rose, former NFL player and WrestleMania II battle royal entrant William "The Refrigerator" Perry, former MLB announcer and Andre the Giant interviewer Bob Uecker, The Price is Right host and one-time Royal Rumble entrant Drew Carey, boxing legend and WrestleMania XIV referee Mike Tyson, WrestleMania XXIII participant and current U.S. president Donald Trump, Hulk Hogan's tag team partner at the original WrestleMania and actor Mr. T., action movie legend and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and most recently rap music icon Snoop Dogg, himself a dedicated WWE fan and cousin to multi-time WWE women's champion Sasha Banks.

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To many, Kid Rock might stick out as an odd choice for WWE to opt to induct into their Hall of Fame, but he's actually got a pretty long history with the company. Kid Rock has performed live on WWE programming three times over the years, including a Monday Night Raw episode in 2000, WrestleMania XXV in 2009, and the 2012 edition of WWE's annual Tribute to the Troops event.

Besides Kid Rock's in-person appearances for WWE, he's also provided the theme songs for two vastly different WWE superstars. In the early days of The Undertaker's biker gimmick, the Dead Man rode down to the ring on a motorcycle to the hard rocking sounds of "American Badass." Later, the 5'11'' Stacy Keibler would strut down to the ring to the sounds of Kid Rock's cover of the ZZ Top hit "Legs," for reasons that should be readily apparent.

In addition to the above, Kid Rock's music is often used by WWE for its pay-per-view event themes, with WrestleMania XXXIV's official theme appropriately already being his song "New Orleans." His track "The Greatest Show on Earth" also served as the theme for November's Survivor Series show. Kid Rock joins Bill Goldberg, Jeff Jarrett, The Dudley Boyz, Ivory, Hillbilly Jim, and "Warrior Award" recipient Jarrius "JJ" Robertson as announced members of WWE's 2018 Hall of Fame class.

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