Kid Flash Should Move to Legends of Tomorrow

With Barry Allen back on The Flash and Wally West recently teaming up with Citizen Steel, it's about time for Kid Flash to leave Central City and join the Legends of Tomorrow. DC Comics has no shortage of speedsters, with those touched by the Speed Force rivaling members of the Bat Family at this point. Likewise, the past few years has seen The Flash add more and more super-fast heroes and villains to its ensemble. But while many of them have been killed or left for separate dimensions, Wally West has stuck around in a state of limbo.

Last season of The Flash was kept busy exploring Wally's new powers and positioning him as a faster speedster who might be able to save Iris from Savitar. And with Barry heading into the Speed Force in the finale, Wally was left as the sole Flash in Central City. The season premiere proved that, despite the misery everyone else was feeling, Wally was pretty thrilled to be the number one superhero in his town. But with Barry's return, the young hero feels more superfluous than ever before.

EW recently spoke with Grant Gustin about where Wally will be headed this season on The Flash, and it seems a change of pace may be in order.

“Wally is going on his own journey, where he’s kind of wondering what exactly his purpose is,” Grant Gustin teases. “He had always wanted to be a little bit more than he was. I don’t think he loved the idea of being Kid Flash, and I think he thought it was his time, and now Barry’s back and he doesn’t really know how he fits.”

The progression of Wally West becoming The Flash's sidekick in the comics was much more natural, with Barry an older hero and Kid Flash idolizing him. The show, however, has them much closer in age, and it's clear that, though Wally respects Barry, he hardly wants to keep running around dogging the heels of the big shot superhero. But as the season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow proves, there's still a huge opportunity for Kid Flash to do some good out in the world.

Central City hardly needs two speedsters, but the Waverider could certainly benefit from Wally's arrival. In last week's episode of Legends of Tomorrow, Wally and Citizen Steel teamed-up to take down some bad guys. It was also implied they'd done so a few times before. The chemistry in the scenes was fantastic, and Keiynan Lonsdale's energy as Wally is the perfect fit for Legends of Tomorrow. It could be argued that Wally isn't quite enough of a screw-up to join that team, but perhaps something in the upcoming finale will convince everyone that Kid Flash is better suited to join Captain Lance's crew of misfit time travelers.

We learned recently that Victor Garber will soon be leaving Legends of Tomorrow. And given Jax can't become Firestorm without Stein, Franz Drameh may be departing as well. Even if he stays on board as the mechanic, the Legends could certainly benefit from a new powerhouse. Firestorm is easily the most powerful member of the team, and replacing his atomic abilities with Kid Flash's super-speed would be a boon for the Legends as they prepare to go up against the new Legion of Doom.

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The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow air Tuesdays on The CW.

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