Kick-Ass Trailer Comes Early!

The first widely released official trailer for Kick-Ass wasn't meant to hit the interwebs until this Friday, at least according to the official site, but it's out now and we have it here for you!

Kick-Ass is the precedent setting comic book movie by Matthew Vaughn who took it upon himself to make the movie his own way, the proper way, without the restrictions of Hollywood studios. Instead he made it true to the comics, earned the support of the fans with a huge presentation at Comic-Con and had distributors start a bidding war for it after the fact.

As we know, Lionsgate happily landed the film and set its release for next spring keeping the film intact and paying tribute to Vaughn's work.

The footage shown at Comic-Con had fans excited and now you can share in that too with this little taste of what's to come - watch and enjoy!

[wpvideo 4DhVGAW3 w=570]

It looks like a lot of fun and trust me, from the Comic-Con footage we saw in San Diego, this is but a hint of the entertainment to be had.

Kick-Ass is based the comic-series written by Mark Millar and illustrated by John Romita, Jr. and the film adaptation (written by Jane Goldman) stays true to the story about a young student named Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) who makes the decision to become a “real-life superhero.”

After making his costume and naming himself “Kick-Ass” and sets out to fight crime while not actually having any superpowers himself. This leads to more heroes and villains as the harsh realization of what being a superhero is all about sets in, surrounded in a nice comedic tone.

Alongside Aaron Johnson, the film stars Nicolas Cage, Chloe Moretz, Mark Strong, Xander Berkeley and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

What do you think of the trailer?

If you missed it, check out the sweet set of Kick-Ass posters that debuted last week as part of our Poster Friday feature.

Kick-Ass opens April 16, 201o.

Source: Official Kick-Ass site

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