Mark Millar Gives 'Kick-Ass 2' Updates; Matthew Vaughn Unlikely to Direct

Kick-Ass 2 May Get a New Director

Comic book writer Mark Millar is riding high on the success of his darkly comic superhero series Kick-Ass. The second part of the trilogy, which follows wannabe superhero and high-school student Dave Lizewski in his awkward attempts to fight crime, is currently in its third issue (out of a seven issue miniseries) and has consistently been a top-seller.

Of course, much of Millar's success comes in large part from the popularity of the Kick-Ass film, which was directed by Matthew Vaughn. In addition to strong performances from its leads, including a starring turn from Chloe Moretz as the vicious child assassin Hit-Girl, it was Vaughn's stylish direction that helped Kick-Ass make such a successful leap from the page to the big screen.

That's why Millar must be pained to finally admit that Vaughn is probably not returning to direct Kick-Ass 2. In a recent interview with the L.A. Times, Millar explained how the success of Kick-Ass helped launch everyone into bigger and better projects, making it difficult to get the original creative team back together.

The thing about the first movie is that it kind of exploded all our careers. People forget, but this was a $28-million indie movie made in the UK. It grossed $100 million at theaters and made the same again and more on DVD and Blu-ray and got amazing reviews. So everybody involved suddenly got hired for a million different things, and re-forming the band again would be impossible. Hopefully, we can use the same actors if and when we do a sequel, but getting Matthew [Vaughn] to direct or Jane to write a movie at this budget would be very difficult because they’re superstars now and they have projects of their own. I’d imagine, if this happens any time soon, that Matthew will produce and possibly co-write, like George Lucas did with “The Empire Strikes Back,” and hire a new director.

In addition to issues with bringing back Vaughn, who definitely did move on to bigger and better things with the widely successful X-Men: First Class, Millar also talked about potential problems with bringing back the cast of the film. As Millar explains, there's a small window of opportunity to make the movie before the actors are too old to play the parts.

There’s a window because the actors are all supposed to be in high school and if this came out after 2013, for example, that window would have closed. I obviously know more than I can say, but I think people will be pretty happy with the conversations we’ve been having.

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Judging by his sly comment at the end ("I know more than I can say"), it seems likely that a Kick-Ass sequel is going to happen with or without Matthew Vaughn. That being said, most people in the entertainment industry would agree that Millar is one of the most enthusiastic (perhaps blindly enthusiastic) writers out there and he would probably say that a sequel was getting made even if Kick-Ass only made five bucks at the box office.

The question is, will the film be as good without Matthew Vaughn on board? Sequels tend to be weaker anyway, and Vaughn's skills might be sorely missed. Then again, it's possible that the characters themselves will be enough to bring in audiences.

What do you think? Would you see Kick-Ass 2 if Matthew Vaughn wasn't directing?

Source: L.A. Times

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