Kick-Ass Red Band Trailer #2


Man, Kick-Ass is looking more and more like it is going to (here it comes) kick ass. And while I was pretty impressed with the theatrical trailer, people who loved this comic book and/or are anticipating this movie know that only a red band trailer - with unrestricted violence and foul language - can really do it justice.

After all, this ain't your daddy's superheroes that we're getting here. This is the mind of Mark Millar (Wanted) at work.

There's a second red band trailer for Kick-Ass that's been released - but does it equal the raunchy greatness of the Hit-Girl red band trailer? There's only one way to find out...


For an HD version, go HERE.

That's still a pretty entertaining trailer, but it doesn't really give us anything too new to drop jaw over, other than a few scenes of characters speaking in four-letter dialogue. Oh, wait, I forgot about the whole "whack-off warehouse" part with that ancient-looking English teacher. Yeah, let me pick up my jaw after seeing THAT.

"Demented" is the only way to describe the concept for Kick-Ass that writer Mark Millar came up with. "Dementedly brilliant" is the only way to describe what director Matthew Vaughn has done adapting this movie. As for trailers: I think we've seen enough. Let's just get this movie in theaters already.


Speaking of which, you can catch Kick-Ass at a theater near you starting April 16, 2010.

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