Mark Millar Wants Tessa Thompson to Play New Kick-Ass

Comic book writer and Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar has his eyes set on Tessa Thompson to play the new Kick-Ass if a live-action version ever happens. Millar is a widely known name in the world of comics, being the mind behind some of the most popular comic series in recent years, such as Kingsman and Marvel’s Civil War, but one of his most notable works is the Kick-Ass series, which presented a superhero with no special skills or gadgets to help him on his crime-fighting plans.

Kick-Ass was first published in 2008 and was followed by two series – Kick Ass 2 and Kick Ass 3 – with the final issue hitting shelves in 2014. Back in November, Millar revealed a fourth Kick-Ass series is on the way with a new hero taking Dave Lizewkski’s place and costume. This new masked hero is Patience Lee, a black military veteran with two young kids who will put on the green-and-yellow costume to fight crime in New Mexico. Although the series has not been published yet, Millar already knows who he wants to play Patience Lee in case of a live-action adaptation of this new story.

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It seems like fans of the Kick-Ass series are curious to know who Millar would like to see as Patience Lee, as he addressed the topic on his Twitter sharing that the only option is Tessa Thompson. Replying to a fan on Twitter, Millar explained that he “somehow buys” Thompson in various aspects of the character, such as being a soldier, mother, and vigilant superhero – but also her “likeable softness”, making her his top choice.

Tessa Thompson’s first feature film was the 2006 remake of the horror film When a Stranger Calls, and later appeared in Ava DuVernay’s Selma and Ryan Coogler’s Creed. Her most recent appearance was in Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok, where she played Valkyrie, an Asgardian slave trader working in Sakaar who was once a warrior of the Valkyrior. Among her future projects are Alex Garland’s sci-fi fantasy horror film Annihilation and Avengers: Infinity War, reprising her role as Valkyrie.

Thompson has shown her talent in different genres – from historical dramas to superhero films, so it’s not hard to see why she’s Millar's first option to play a hero like Patience Lee. Thompson can easily be the embodiment of the tough yet caring hero that Lee has been described to be, so if a cinematic adaptation of the new Kick-Ass ever happens, let’s hope she will still be the top choice for the role.

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