Kick-Ass Panel: 2009 Comic-Con

On the Kick-Ass panel: Director Matthew Vaughn, screenwriters Jane Goldman and Mark Millar, John Romita Jr., Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloe Moretz.

Vaughn joked about being hosed on getting a distribution deal for Kick-Ass if we didn't like it. Showed clips from the first act and it was VERY funny, like crazy insane funny - which I didn't expect at all (I'm not familiar with the original comic). Every single clip they showed made the film look more insane than the previous. It included a combination of teenage/R-rated humor with Nic Cage as an odd (to say the least) dad teaching his young daughter what it's like to get shot, to a scene with Kick-Ass getting his butt saved by the most unlikely of heroines - ever.

The tone of the film looks like it will be all over the place, ranging from real world to wacky to amazing action to stuff that is just SO wrong, but awesome. The only thing that bothered me and felt out of place was a scene at the very end of the footage where the young girl says a very vulgar word. You may argue that hey, she's doing all kinds of other seriously heinous stuff, so what's the big deal? But it felt forced and like it was put in just "because." Other than that though, I loved it as an R-rated film.

Mark Millar talked about how everyone in the room had thought about being a superhero at some point but just didn't have the balls to really do it.

Vaughn said the script was finished before the comic and it was a collaborative effort.

Hopefully based on the wildly positive reaction, Kick-Ass getting a distribution deal will be a no-brainer.

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