'Kick-Ass' Movie to Have Different Ending Than Comic

[UPDATE: We now have a pic of McLovin' in Kick-Ass! See bottom of the post.]

For months, fans of the hyper violent teen superhero comic Kick-Ass have wondered how director Matthew Vaughn will choose to end his film adaptation while the comic itself is still being published. Now, we may have an answer thanks to Comic Book Resources, which recently interviewed Kick-Ass artist and comic book titan, John Romita, Jr.

In the interview, which focused primarily on his work on the milestone 600th issue of Amazing Spider-Man, Romita said he was "within a couple pages of finishing issue #7, and [has] already done thumbnails on issue #8." As for finishing the movie before the comic and any potential rifts that might create, Romita had this to say:

"They know what they're doing, but I'm sticking to Mark's scripts...We don't want to be so far disparate from the film, and we had a little bit of storytelling we wanted to at least parallel the film even though it was Mark's idea from the get go to give it some similarities while not looking like we're hocking each other. As long as it looks like the same subject matter, the endings will have differences."

Romita also revealed that he will create a number of animated sequences for the film, which will serve primarily as flashbacks.

""Matthew Vaughn is a fan of the comic, and that's where the flashback animation sequence comes from. He wanted an homage to the comic. He was a fan of my pacing and storytelling and used as much as he could along those lines."

The way I see it, even if Kick-Ass the comic and Kick-Ass the movie don't turn out to be exactly the same story, it won't diminish my enjoyment of either. Of course, I'm not the most hardcore Kick-Ass fanboy out there, so perhaps I'm understating this news. Will you be disappointed if the film version of Kick-Ass ends up having a different ending than the comic? Also, are you excited to see that John Romita, Jr's art will end up in the final film?

UPDATE: Christopher Mintz-Plasse (a.k.a. "McLovin") in costume

Kick-Ass does not currently have a release date. However, the film will have a strong presence at Comic-Con, where co-star Christopher Mintz-Plasse (who plays an amateur vigilante inspired by the titular amateur vigilante), director Matthew Vaughn, and John Romita, Jr. will premier the first footage of the film. Expect an announcement regarding a release date at that time.

Source: Comic Book Resources via MTV

Update Source: MTV News

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