Kick-Ass Screening in NYC

Last night was UGO's Special Screening of  Kick-Ass, which was hosted by our good friend Jordan Hoffman from  UGO. Thanks to some kindly blogger-to-blogger love, I was on hand for this exclusive soiree, which included a screening of Kick-Ass, followed by a Q&A session with the creators of the Kick-Ass comic book, Mark Millar (Wanted) and John Romita Jr.

Oh and did I mention there were some new updates about Kick-Ass 2 and a crowd-rousing appearance from a real-life superhero?

Kick-Ass The Movie

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for our official Screen Rant review of Kick-Ass to know what we thought of the movie. However, I don't mind telling you that I walked away from the screening feeling pretty satisfied - as did most of the attending crowd, judging by the cheers, screams, and constant flow of laughter in the theater.

I'll also say this now: Chloe Moretz, who plays homicidal tweener vigilante, Hit-Girl? Yeah, she's going to be big star after this movie does its thing at the box office. She totally steals the show. I also expect that after the success of Wanted and (what I'm predicting will be) the success of Kick-Ass, Mark Millar will have some serious comic book movie clout in Hollywood. Enough to get his Batman-as-The-Joker fantasy Nemesis on the big screen? We shall see...

A Kick-Ass Q&A

The Q&A that followed the screening (which was wittily moderated by J. Hoff) was almost as wonderfully demented as the actual movie. Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. (JRJ) talked about such things as how awkward it was trying to hold Hit-Girl casting meetings over the phone in public places. To paraphrase:

"Yeah we've been looking at little girls all week..there's one I really like though, she's eleven but she looks like she's nine."

JRJ added to that funny anecdote by relating how tough it really is for a middle-aged male artist to secure little girls' fashion magazines without seeming creepy. Needless to say his wife reluctantly agreed to help him on that front.

Millar and JRJ also discussed how the Hit-Girl auditions were done in full swear-word mode, helping to weed-out any trepidatious parents upfront. While Romita was a bit...hesitant about having a young actress tackle that infamous "C-word scene," Millar was 100% for it. No fear or reservations in that man.

Poor JRJ - he had to make several humorous apologies to his wife and kids during the Q&A session.

Finally, Millar recounted the crazy story of what it took to bring Kick-Ass to the big screen: every major studio turned it down, leaving independently wealthy director Matthew Vaughn no option but to finance the movie himself, ultimately selling it back to Lionsgate at (reportedly) twice the price. If (and I'll say WHEN) Kick-Ass cashes in at the box office this summer, those same studio suits are going to be kicking themselves in the "arse" while Millar, Romita, Vaughn and Co. are all laughing to the bank.

Who doesn't love happy endings?

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