Kick-Ass & Hit-Girl Movie Reboot Coming From Original Director

Original Kick-Ass movie director Matthew Vaughn is planning to reboot the series, with further plans for a Hit-Girl spinoff in the mix. Superhero films had only begun to take hold of Hollywood when the first Kick-Ass hit theaters and, for related reasons, Vaughn's efforts to subvert the genre didn't have quite the cultural impact that Deadpool achieved when it arrived six years later. It did, however, launch Vaughn onto bigger comic book ventures like X-Men: First Class and the Kingsman movies, and now the filmmaker is coming full circle by returning to the Mark Millar property that started it all.

The big screen iterations of Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl have been sitting on ice since Kick-Ass 2 earned a lukewarm reception back in 2013, though their comic books are another story. Millar has been hard at work relaunching the Kick-Ass comics brand since he set up shop at Netflix last year and has since introduced the world to Patience Lee, the new Kick-Ass and a character whom both Millar and Tessa Thompson want to see brought to life by the Thor: Ragnarok star.

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Thompson may get her shot too, as Vaughn strongly hinted in his interview with Empire that his Kick-Ass reboot will feature Lee. He also mentioned that early discussions are underway about a Hit-Girl movie, which could either focus on her childhood under Big Daddy's watch or bring Chloë Grace Moretz back as an older Mindy Macready. Both films will be produced at Vaughn's newly-formed Marv Studios, assuming the pair of them eventually come to pass.

Even in today's crowded world of superhero movies, there's arguably room for Kick-Ass and its violent irreverence to make a comeback. With calls growing louder for a more inclusive approach to the genre when it comes to both race and gender, a Patience Lee-fronted Kick-Ass reboot and Hit-Girl spinoff would certainly fit the bill. Vaughn's cheeky sensibilities further lend themselves well to that universe, so his return to the world of Kick-Ass is similarly welcome.

It will be interesting to see if the Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl reboot becomes part of a wave of lower-budgeted superhero films that pushes the boundaries of the genre. Blumhouse and Lionsgate are striving to do just that with their Spawn and Hellboy reboots, both of which are R-rated superhero horror/thrillers that can fill a niche that neither the MCU, DCEU, nor even the Deadpool movies necessarily can. With Vaughn further returning to Kick-Ass, the future is looking bright for those like their comic book movies on the down-and-dirty side.

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We will bring you more details on Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl as they become available.

Source: Empire

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