Mark Millar Teases 'Big' Kick-Ass & Hit Girl News

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Mark Millar has been teasing “big news” about Kick-Ass and Hit Girl coming this week. The Scottish comic book writer is the mind behind some of the most popular comic series and heroes in recent years, including Marvel’s Civil War and Icon Comics’ Kingsman, but one of his most notable works is Kick-Ass, which follows Dave Lizewski, a teenager who sets out to become a real life superhero, and Hit Girl – a deadly martial arts and weapon expert who has been trained to fight crime since she was a child.

This series was adapted into two films of the same name, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Lizewski/Kick-Ass and Chloe Grace Moretz as Mindy McCready/Hit-Girl. Kick-Ass – both the comic series and films – is mostly remembered for its copious amounts of violence and blood, which, along with its more realistic themes, made it standout from other superhero/crime fighter stories. It has been four years since Kick-Ass and Hit Girl were on the big screen, and three years since the eighth and final issue of Kick-Ass 3 was released, concluding the comic series as a whole, but it looks like Lizewski and McCready are ready to suit up once more.

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Through his official Twitter account, Millar has been teasing a big announcement regarding Kick-Ass and Hit Girl. Although two of these tweets include images of Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chloe Moretz from the Kick-Ass films, it’s unknown if this announcement will have to do with the long-awaited third film or with a fourth comic series.

Next Week: The beans spilled on Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl. Get excited!

— Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar) November 8, 2017

Right, this brilliance won't write itself. Time to help get a press release together for the big Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl news next week...

— Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar) November 9, 2017

Some big news next week:

— Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar) November 10, 2017

However, another possibility is a Netflix adaptation of Millar’s work. Back in August, Netflix acquired Millarworld, the comic book publishing powerhouse founded and run by Millar, with the purpose of bringing Millar’s work to life through films and series available exclusively on this streaming service. This could be a good option to finally bring Kick-Ass 3 to life and even the rumoured prequel based on Hit Girl and Big Daddy’s (Nicolas Cage) beginning as crimefighters.

Whether a third film, a TV adaptation, or a comic book series, fans of Kick-Ass and Hit Girl will surely be pleased with their return. However, if it turns out to be a TV series or Netflix film that requires a recast, fans might not be quite as happy, since Taylor-Johnson and Moretz’s performances as Kick-Ass and Hit Girl respectively were very well received by fans and critics alike.

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