'Kick-Ass' Footage To Premiere at Comic-Con

In our previous coverage of the teen superhero film, Kick-Ass, we reported that director Matthew Vaughn would premiere the first footage of the film at Comic-Con. Now, thanks to an interview with the MTV Movies Blog, we know exactly what we'll be seeing, and it sure sounds good to me.

Rather than putting together a rough trailer for the move, Vaughn has opted to show four whole scenes from the movie's first act to help newcomers to the comic get a better feel  for the story and the characters.

"They're all good scenes. Not the best scenes in the movie, but they set up what the film is about...I've got seven scenes at the moment, and I have to get it down to four. I'm literally sitting here and editing right now. It's coming straight from the Avid [video editor], so it's not going to be some highly polished thing like everybody else's."

It's nice to see that Vaughn is putting real thought into what he shows at Comic-Con. Because Kick-Ass isn't necessarily the most well known comic franchise, Vaughn's approach should help expose the film to a wider fanbase and bring in some extra box office bank come premiere time. Of course, just because Kick-Ass isn't as widely known doesn't mean Vaughn is ignoring the comic's most loyal fans.

"We are a genuine comic book adaptation with comic book authors involved in the production of the movie...It's really important to me that fans of the comic like the film. I'll be more upset if fans of the comic hate the movie than anybody else."

Besides premiering four scenes, Vaughn has another treat in store for Kick-Ass fans. Recently, AICN shared an exclusive Comic-Con poster for the film which will be given out to fans at an autograph session before the panel. Featuring the art of Kick-Ass artist John Romita, Jr., the poster shows the comic's main characters in full costumed glory. Check it out below.

So what do you think? Are you getting more excited for this movie?

Source: AICN, MTV

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