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Today we have two new clips from Kick-Ass, an interview with the director and writer and a new TV spot! Kick-Ass was directed by Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake), adapted from the Mark Millar (Wanted) comic series by Vaughn and Jane Goldman (who previously collaborated with Vaughn on the scripts for The Debt and Stardust).

It stars Aaron Johnson (The Illusionist), Lyndsy Fonseca (Hot Tub Time Machine), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad), Chloe Moretz (Let Me In) and Nicolas Cage. You can read our full review of Kick-Ass here!  

Coming Soon hooked us up with the new clips, /Film sent along the interviews and Super Hero Hype provided the TV spot.

The first movie clip features Nic Cage as Big Daddy beating, stabbing and shooting some guys in a warehouse that must be controlled by evildoers.  I like that fact that the violence isn't terribly slick and we see Cage stagger as the bullets ping off his suit.  The guy knows how to fight, but the damage he does to his adversaries isn't glossed over.  Nor does each villain initiate battle, thereby providing an easy moral out to seeing him die.  It suggests the film follows through in ways most action flicks do not.

The second clip features Aaron Johnson in his Kick-Ass costume, taking on some bad guys in a parking lot.  There's a little moment where Johnson is told the violence isn't his business and he stands his ground, summons up his courage and insists it is.  It's great.  I also love when the kid in store announces the heroism and no one responds until he exclaims, "It's awesome!", at which point, everyone gathers to watch.  Both moments provide subtle insight into how we fail one another and how we don't need to.

The first interview clip is with director Matthew Vaughn in which he discusses what I believe to be a major draw for the film, the fact that its heroes have no superpowers and no vast fortunes and that what happens in the film could truly happen in our world.  He also mentions his thoughts on a sequel and his working methods with Jane Goldman.

Here's the interview with Goldman in which she discusses, among other things, her appreciation of a female anti-hero who, due to her young age, isn't sexualized.  That certainly represents a big difference between this action flick and pretty much every other one ever made.  It was a brilliant move.  She also discusses the influence of the comic and touches on the financing.

Lastly, we have the latest TV spot from Lionsgate that cements the idea that these heroes have no superpowers and stresses their humble beginnings.  And it makes the movie look like tons of fun.  Like all phenomenons, "It started as an idea".

Mark Millar Talks Kick-Ass 2

I'm lookin' forward to this.

Kick-Ass hits theaters on April 16th.

Source: Coming Soon, /Film, Super Hero Hype

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