Kick-Ass: New Big Daddy Poster & Movie Clip (Featuring Hit-Girl!)

If you haven't heard, Mathew Vaughn's (Layer Cake) adaptation of Mark Millar's (Wanted) comic book Kick-Ass is building up to be a major hit in 2010. Those lucky enough to have seen the film (which made a major splash at this year's Comic Con) are already calling it (in some cases) "the most entertaining comic book movie of all time."

That's a big statement! And large part of what viewers have liked about Kick-Ass have clearly been the performances of Nicolas Cage and young Chloe Moretz, who play the daddy/daughter duo known as Big Daddy and Hit-Girl.

Moretz as Hit-Girl has been a particular crowd favorite, some even ranking her amongst the top echelon of onscreen comic book characters.

Courtesy of UGO, we have a clip of the young actress opposite Nic Cage in a hilarious clip from the film. In this scene, Cage's character Damon Macready tries to "educate" his daughter Mindy (Moretz) on how to properly take a bullet to the chest while wearing her bulletproof vest.

Yes, you read that correctly. Welcome to the world of Kick-Ass. Check out the clip:



Now, check out this poster of Cage's character in full custom as Big Daddy:

(click image for hi-res version)

Man, I missed out on Kick-Ass the comic book but this movie looks like it's going to be straight up cult-classic. The teaser trailer definitely got peoples attention, and when the full trailer hits (especially the red-band version) people are going to lose their minds. Mark my words.

So far I'm digging what little bits I'm seeing of the film, but I worry the buzz on this is going to build too fast and we're going to ultimately get the over-saturation of promotional material that we're all currently drowning in, thanks to Avatar. Other than that, I can't wait to get in and get a look at this film. Cult-classic, I'm telling you.

What did you think of the clip (no pun) and poster?

Kick-Ass hits theaters on April 16, 2010

Source: UGO

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