'Kick-Ass 2' Set Photos Reveal Dr. Gravity & Other Justice Forever Vigilantes

Set photos from 'Kick-Ass 2' provide first looks at new characters like Dr. Gravity (Donald Faison), along with several other members of the vigilante group, Justice Forever.

With Kick-Ass 2 in the midst of production, it's high time that photos from the highly-anticipated sequel begin hitting the Internet. So far we've seen images of Hit Girl's new ride and a photo of what is presumed to be Mother Russia, but very few images have showcased the sequel's exciting new cast of characters. That is, until now.

Some leaked set photos have made their way onto the Net, showcasing what we presume to be a meeting of Justice Forever, the superhero group formed by masked vigilantes Colonel Stars (Jim Carrey) and Lieutenant Stripes. Included in the set photos are fans' first looks at Dr. Gravity, who is being played by Donald Faison (Scrubs), and Aaron Johnson reprising his role as Dave Lizewski (a.k.a. Kick-Ass).

While Faison's Dr. Gravity and Johnson as Kick-Ass are featured most prominently in the photos, there are also some images of a few other Justice Forever members - namely Battle Guy, Remembering Tommy, and Insect Man.

Included below are the comic book versions of Dr. Gravity and the other Justice Forever members, which can be compared to the set photos:



Kick Ass 2 Dr Gravity

Kick-Ass and Dr. Gravity

Kick Ass 2 Battle Guy

Battle Guy

Kick Ass 2 Remembering Tommy

'Remembering Tommy'

Kick Ass 2 Insect Man

Insect Man


For the most part, Donald Faison looks the part as Dr. Gravity, with only some slight variations (like the molecule symbol on his chest) being made to the costume. More importantly, the inclusion of Dr. Gravity's gravity pole - the bat-like weapon in the photos - suggests director Jeff Wadlow (Never Back Down) is preserving the whacky spirit of the character.

In the Kick-Ass 2 comics, Dr. Gravity claims that his gravity pole allows anything it touches to either increase in weight twenty times over, or to become completely weightless. In order to avoid spoilers, we can't go into more detail than that, but let's just say that the pole is as crudely designed in the comic as it is in these set photos.

Additionally, the set photos introduce uninitiated moviegoers to other characters, including 'Remembering Tommy', a husband and wife duo who take up the mantle of crime fighting as a response to their son's kidnapping; Battle Guy, who is actually Dave Lizewski's close friend Marty (played in the first film by Clark Duke); and Insect Man (Robert Emms), a Spider-Man rip-off who claims to be a police officer.

A quick comparison with the images above show that Battle Guy appears to be a solid translation of his comic book iteration, while Remembering Tommy's costumes are much simpler in nature. And then there's Insect Man, who is shown without his mask and bespectacled - an identity Mark Millar's comic series has yet to reveal.

Unfortunately, additional members of Justice Forever, like Jim Carrey's Colonel Stripes, are not featured in the set photos. Neither is Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl, who is obviously much older than the last time audiences saw her.

As we mentioned before, Kick-Ass 2 is in the midst of production, but perhaps some official looks at the film's new and returning masked heroes will be released some time soon.

Kick-Ass 2 is slated for a June 28, 2013 release.


Source: CBM

Kick-Ass 2 artwork and characters courtesy of Marvel ComicsMark Millar and John Romita Jr.

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