KFC's Colonel Sanders Makes Bizarre Appearance on Soap Opera General Hospital

KFC mascot Colonel Sanders made a surprise guest appearance on the soap opera General Hospital. The bizarre cameo took place in the latest episode that aired on July 6, reportedly in celebration of National Fried Chicken Day.

General Hospital is one of the longest-running shows on television, first airing in 1963. Like most shows in the genre, it has seen its fair share of outrageous plotlines over the years. Popular character Jason Quartermaine became a mafia consigliere as a result of brain damage from a car accident. The show resurrected the dead Katherine Bell with a miracle medicine. And yet, this intersection of marketing and daytime drama proves bewildering nonetheless.

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According to TV Guide, the Colonel Sanders who appeared on General Hospital was played by veteran actor George Hamilton, who also portrays the icon in the most recent KFC ads. Sanders appears in his signature white pantsuit at character Maxie’s doorstep, greeting her as if they were old friends. It's later revealed that the General Hospital version of the character is actually a computer whiz with exceptional “coding skills" and that he assisted Maxie with his skill set in the past.

To further fuel the oddity, Sanders claimed to have been cursed by a warlock and, naturally, was able to see people’s souls. He uses his powers to determine that Maxie’s journalist friend, Lulu, has a pure soul. After his psychic assessment, it's revealed that the Colonel sought out Maxie for “a favor involving his 11 secret herbs and spices.” In an even crazier twist, it's further revealed that he's asking for Maxie’s help in keeping his secret recipe hidden from an ominous “Syndicate", and her response is to hide the recipe in an empty book on her shelf. All this absurdity is capped off by Sanders' parting words, "Stay crispy and stay humble."

The inclusion of the character had been teased since June on KFC’s Twitter, beginning with live tweets of General Hospital. Then soon afterwards, KFC announced that the Colonel would make an appearance on the show to, according to Sanders himself, “live the dream I've always dreamed.” The rest was daytime television history. KFC has been known to create rather humorous ads for its marketing campaigns, but this new cameo certainly tops them all. It's doubtful that anyone was meant to take this guest appearance on General Hospital all too seriously. Despite its dramatic tone, it seems that the show has embraced its own relative ridiculousness and become much like its collaborator KFC in making fun of itself. With a show that's been around as long as General Hospital, it only makes sense to experiment with such odd and unexpected plots.

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Source: TV Guide

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