'Key & Peele Super Bowl Special' to Air on Comedy Central

Key and Peele Super Bowl Special airing on Comedy Central

Their season may be over, but like the viral videos the network produces during hiatus, Comedy Central is in no way done with Key & Peele, as evident by the Super Bowl special that has just been announced.

The program - being aptly titled Key & Peele Super Bowl Special - will air at the end of this month on January 30th, and will feature the eponymous comedy team hosting an hour of comical antics (sports desk style). Joining in the fun will be guests from the NFL, as part of a new partnership between Comedy Central and the professional sports league.

Explained the network:

The special will include sketch-comedy vignettes featuring to-be-announced NFL players and a possible Super Bowl edition of the popular “East-West Bowl” sketch from Key & Peele. In the weeks leading up to the special, Key and Peele will also post their playoff predictions in a series of social-media videos.

Comedy Central has learned since its debut that there’s a lot of potential in the versatility of Key & Peele as a brand. The network, as mentioned above, invested a nice chunk of change in keeping the comedy team relevant during their break last year, going so far as to film fresh car valet sketches that featured the likes of Liam Neeson as part of various cross-promotions. So, aware of that potential, it’s no surprise the network opted to team with the NFL to give Jordan and Keegan something to do during their time-off.

Key and Peele Super Bowl Special airing on Comedy Central

Comedy Central is no stranger to using its various talent roster to hold events that, over the years, have included the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear as well as A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All. However, both of those events came from the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert camp. Expanding the stars of Key & Peele into a brand of their own - one that can launch special events outside of the Stewart tent - will allow Comedy Central a chance to expand its potential audience to more than just people who are fans of the sketch comedy series itself - as was probably the purpose of teaming up officially with the NFL in the first place.

It was also a wise move by Comedy Central to air the special on the Friday before the big game. Given the viral potential of Jordan and Keegan, the special should end up serving as a nice piece of marketing for the NFL (not that it needs it) heading into the Sunday extravaganza.

The Key & Peele Super Bowl Special airs January 30th, 2015 @10/9c on Comedy Central.

Source: TV By The Numbers

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