Every Key & Peele Sketch Is Now Available to Watch Online

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Back in 2012, former MadTV cast members Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele teamed up for a new sketch show on Comedy Central bearing their names. While it took a bit of time for the duo's endlessly creative, unpredictable style of sketch comedy to take off with the masses, Key & Peele ultimately proved to be a huge success, to the point that a vocal outcry was heard when it was announced that season 5 would be the show's last. Thankfully, Comedy Central has now seen fit to give fans the next best thing to a new season of Key & Peele, creating a massive online archive of every K&P sketch to ever air.

Billed as The Authoritatively & Unequivocally Complete Archive, the site boasts access to every Key & Peele sketch ever, from the relationship trials of Meegan and her boyfriend to the substitute teacher who struggles to properly pronounce names to the doormen who obsess over "Liam Neesons" to a street battle over the word "nooice." In other words, everything fans could possibly want to see is now available online. This includes 176 sketches previously unavailable online, according to Comedy Central.

For those who see hundreds of available sketches and aren't sure where to start, the Key & Peele archive also includes themed collections such as "In the End Zone" (football sketches), "The Criminal Element" (crime sketches), and "Gettin' Frisky" (sexy sketches). Especially relevant to the current presidential election season is the collection called "The Halls of Power," which contains sketches that often skewer both sides of the political spectrum, including the famous series concerning Luther, President Barack Obama's "anger translator." This character proved so popular that Key actually performed it while standing behind Obama himself at 2015's White House Correspondents' Dinner.

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In addition to all the individual sketches, the Key & Peele archive also includes every episode of the series, presented in its original uncut form. Unfortunately -- as has become commonplace for cable networks -- the complete episodes can only be viewed by those with a cable provider login, so cord cutters will have to settle for watching things one sketch at a time, or streaming the episodes for free (with ads) on Hulu.

While Key & Peele's first big post-series venture -- the cat-centered comedy Keanu -- underperformed at the box office, it's proved to be a hit with both critics and hardcore fans of the duo, making it likely that they'll soon get another shot to make a movie. In the meantime, fans can get through dreary work days with the help of classic sketches like "Dubstep."

Source: Comedy Central

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