Kevin Smith Teases Writing What Would Be His Biggest Project Ever

Kevin Smith has teased fans with a potentially huge new writing project. Smith has had a vast and varied career in Hollywood. Originally coming into prominence with his debut feature, Clerks, he has since made such cult classics as Chasing Amy and Dogma. Smith is a prolific comic book author. He hosts numerous podcasts, such as Fatman on Batman, on which he discusses various pop-culture-related topics, like the upcoming Joker movie(s). The filmmaker has also directed such shows as The Flash and Supergirl.

Despite surviving a heart attack earlier this year, Smith hasn't slowed down even a little bit. He continues to push forward with the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which recently cast the stars of The Flash. He has a new TV show on the horizon. And he aims to complete his "True North Trilogy" that began with Tusk and continued with Yoga Hosers.

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His biggest project may be yet to come, however. Speaking directly on Twitter, Smith revealed he has just finished work on a top-secret writing gig, one that features the "most massive IP" that he has "ever been allowed to play with." See his full tweet below.

Fans and friends alike were quick to offer their support. Even Neil Gaiman wished him, "Good Luck!!" Equally, it has left many salivating with curiosity over what project Smith could be referring to. After all, he is no stranger to working with huge properties. In comics, he has written stories for such hugely popular characters as Batman, Spider-Man, Green Arrow, and Daredevil. Just recently, Smith even collaborated with Mark Millar on a new Hit-Girl comic. Meanwhile, in film and TV, Smith has not only worked on his own creations. As well as directing The Flash and Supergirl, two well-known characters in their own right, he also served as the script-writer on Superman Lives. Ultimately the film didn't come to fruition, so whether Smith counts that as a sandbox he truly got to play in is subject to debate. Smith also recently espoused the potential for a solo Mr. Freeze film. Although Smith could have been sowing seeds, it's highly doubtful.

Similarly, Smith was once attached to a Buckaroo Bonzai TV series. Given it was to air on Amazon, it definitely would have enjoyed a sizable budget, but is probably nowhere near as big a property as what he is referring to now. For years, fans have hoped that he would one day work on a Marvel or Star Wars project, both of which would definitely fit the bill. Recently, it looked as though that wish might come true, as reports circulated that he had met with Disney. Smith was quick to deny the rumors, promising that it wasn't the case. This new tweet, however, is sure to fuel passionate speculation that he may just have been honoring Disney's infamous levels of secrecy as he finished writing. Time will eventually tell. But, until then, fans everywhere will no doubt be keeping their fingers crossed that the mysterious project moves forward.

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Source: Kevin Smith/Twitter

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