Keeping track of Kevin Smith’s career trajectory has proven difficult in the last couple of years. Since 2011, he’s gone from naming his hockey film, Hit Somebody, as his final cinematic effort, to splitting that picture into two parts, to remolding it as a TV mini-series and identifying Clerks 3 as his retirement project instead.

Despite his bouts of indecision, he appears to be following through on his word this time and starting work on a script treatment for the latter production.

The news comes courtesy of a post on Smith’s own Facebook Timeline, which features an image of the screenplay’s title page as well as an enthusiastic message from the comic book man declaring Clerks 3 as, “the best movie I’ll ever make.” Little else is known about the details of the film, though after describing it as his Cinema Paradiso to Entertainment Weekly over Twitter, he certainly has his work cut out for him:

Via @DarrenFranich “Do you envision Clerks 3 as Jedi, Last Crusade, or Back to the Future 3?” It’s more Cinema Paradiso than anything else.

Smith originally pegged Clerks 3 as his last movie back in December 2012 before changing his mind in February and announcing that he might re-conceive it as a book to be released chapter by chapter over the Internet. Whether or not the Facebook post in question precludes the possibility of this happening remains unclear, particularly in light of Smith’s mercurial tendencies. It’s also worth noting that he initially toyed with the idea of putting on Clerks 3 as a Broadway show before switching gears and bringing the story back to his preferred artistic medium. Apart from Smith’s intention of closing the book on his theatrical career with the film, little other detail exists about its plot at present.

Clerks 2 10 Jason Mewes Kevin Smith Describes Clerks 3 As His Own Cinema Paradiso

What fans can be sure of is that the new and – if his claims of retiring from directing movies can be taken seriously anymore – final entry in the Clerks franchise will portray the next chapter in the lives of Dante Hicks and Randall Graves. We last met these characters as they returned to manning their beloved Quick Stop at the end of Clerks II (read our review) back in 2006; Dante also happened to have a child on the way. With their newfound maturity there’s no clear direction for the plot to take as of now, but Smith’s admirers may just be pleased at the idea of getting to spend a little more time with these characters.

There’s no information on when shooting for the picture will commence, but as we await further tidbits on Clerks 3, we can look ahead to the premiere of Hit Somebody – one of Screen Rant’s most anticipated TV shows of 2013 – later this year.

What’s your take on Smith’s latest announcement, Screen Ranters? Are you excited at the prospect of going back to New Jersey one more time, or would you have preferred to see Hit Somebody on the big screen? Give us your thoughts in the comments section!

Source: Kevin Smith & Entertainment Weekly

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