Upcoming Kevin Smith Movies

What movies will Kevin Smith direct next? Here's a list of every upcoming project for the famous indie filmmaker, who seems ready to return to basics.

Kevin Smith Movies

Director Kevin Smith has several new movies in development. In October 2019, the famous indie filmmaker released his first feature in three years, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, the seventh installment of the so-called View Askewniverse, but it's certainly not going to be his last project.

Over the years, Smith has gone from directing movies to multiple TV shows, including The Flash, Supergirl, and The Goldbergs. But Smith is best known for his first five movies, all of which take place in the View Askewniverse, and feature Smith himself as the character Silent Bob. Films like Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy became cult classics, while Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back are similarly embraced by many fans, but aren't necessarily as popular as Smith’s first three hit productions.

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Smith's latest movie, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, received some tough critic reviews upon its release, but it has been mostly well-received by the masses, at least based on Rotten Tomatoes scores. Smith’s Sam and Twitch TV series has been announced (a Spawn spinoff), but the director seems most invested in feature films and finding that spark that infused his early works. Here’s a complete list of every upcoming Kevin Smith movie project.

Kevin Smith announces Mallrats TV show

Clerks III: It’s been 13 years since Clerks II released, and Smith recently had a change of heart about the third film's premise. After a public table read for the original Clerks III script - which was reportedly quite dark - Smith tweaked the story specifics to mirror his recent health issues. Clerks III will be about the making of the original Clerks, as Randall Graves experiences a mid-life crisis after a heart attack, and decides to make a movie with his friend and fellow clerk, Dante Hicks. Smith teased Clerks III at Los Angeles Comic Con 2019.

Helena Handbag: Smith announced this project in 2013. The original Helena Handbag logline teased “mankind teaming up with Hell to save existence from extinction at the hands of a Rapturing giant Jesus.” The script was written with Scott Mosier, and Smith originally stated that its production was “a ways off.” Helena Handbag is still technically in the works.

Kilroy Was Here: This Kevin Smith film will definitely release soon. In fact, Kilroy Was Here has already been filmed, but doesn’t quite have an all-star cast. Technically, it's a horror anthology series, based on a popular World War II G.I. graffiti phrase, and stars professional wrestler Chris Jericho, Azita Ghanizada (Ballers), and Ryan O’Nan (Ray Donovan).

Mallrats II: For years, Smith has been trying to produce a Mallrats sequel. He officially announced Mallrats II in 2015, and later revealed that a TV series had been unsuccessfully pitched to various streaming platforms. Now, Kevin Smith seems ready to move forward with Mallrats II, as the film was teased at Los Angeles Comic Con 2019.

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