Kevin Smith Returns Home After Suffering Heart Attack

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Kevin Smith suffered a scary (and near-fatal) heart attack two days ago. The comedian and director is recovering and sharing his life-changing experience with fans and colleagues via his social media channels now from the comfort of his own home. Smith is now resting at home after being released from the hospital.

Smith was supposed to perform two stand-up shows in Glendale, California on February 26 but was forced to cancel his second performance when he found himself having difficulty breathing. Smith said he had attempted to lie down and rest and vomited, which prompted his trip to the hospital. He never actually considered that he could have been having a heart attack until after he began to receive medical care. After the incident, Smith tweeted from his hospital bed to let fans know he had survived the scary blockage of his LAD artery (AKA "The Widowmaker") and detailing the stent placed by his superhero doctor. Smith has lost a substantial amount of weight recently and has made healthier lifestyle choices, but he said both his parents had struggled with heart health and this incident was at least partially genetic.

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Smith is now resting peacefully and recovering from the comfort of his own home. The Clerks and The Flash director posted another tweet confirming his improved health and thanking those who reached out to him with kind words following his hospital visit. Smith said he was actually feeling the best he has in quite some time, as the now unblocked artery was allowing for much more air and blood flow, leaving him feeling more alert. You can read the full tweet below:

Many celebrities and fans reached out to Smith to lend their support during this frightening time, including Chris Hardwick, Finn Wolfhard, and Chris Pratt. Pratt's kind words sparked a lot of unnecessary backlash, the Guardians of the Galaxy star offered prayers to Smith, which some Twitter users considered to be pointless. GOTG director, James Gunn, defended Pratt, saying there was literally nothing else the actor could do but send his well-wishes, a sentiment Smith himself has echoed.

Smith has always been quite vocal about his father's harrowing death, sharing his last "screaming" moments with his followers. Smith admitted that his father's experience had left him with an intense fear of death and that he had always imagined his own would just be as terrifying. In a lengthy Instagram post from inside the hospital, Smith said that he had had a moment of real clarity as he was receiving healthcare. He was genuinely grateful for his family and career, saying that he had finally realized he no longer feared death thanks to his happy and successful life.

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Source: Kevin Smith Twitter/Instagram

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