Kevin Smith Asks Mark Hamill For A Bacta Tank

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Star Wars star Mark Hamill seems to be in high demand these days for reasons other than his legendary talents as a voice actor, with filmmaker Kevin Smith - who Hamill previously worked with in Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back - asking if Hamill could send him a Bacta Tank. Previously, Tommy Wiseau, the filmmaker behind the cult classic The Room, publicly contacted Hamill about getting tickets to the 90th Academy Awards ceremony.

Bacta Tanks are an advanced piece of medical technology unique to the Star Wars universe. The cylindrical transparent tanks are filled with Bacta - a miraculous liquid that accelerates healing to the point of enabling a body to regrow damaged tissue, muscles and nerves within hours. Luke Skywalker was famously placed in a Bacta tank following the injuries he experienced after being attacked by a wampa and suffering severe frostbite in The Empire Strikes Back. Some of the Star Wars novels also depicted Darth Vader making use of a combination sensory deprivation chamber/Bacta tank to meditate outside of his life-supporting armor.

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The request came via Kevin Smith's Twitter account. The relevant Tweet, in which Smith impersonates Tommy Wiseau's famous delivery of the line "Oh Hi, Mark!" and makes reference to Hamill's early role in the film Corvette Summer, can be viewed below.

The joking tweet was a follow up to an earlier conversation between Hamill and Smith, which came in the wake of Smith's recent near-fatal heart attack. Smith had shared a photo of a get well soon basket he had received from Disney Channel. The basket included a cookie that read "Get Well Soon Kevin James!" making reference to Smith's complaints of frequently being mistaken for actor Kevin James at Hollywood events.

A sympathetic Mark Hamill replied that he had similar issues with being mistaken for actors Mark Harmon and John Hamm. Realizing that Smith's condition probably has him reconsidering any gift baskets full of sugary snacks, Hamill offered to send Smith a basket full of vintage horror movies by B-movie auteur William Castle. He signed the note "Your pal, C-K" in reference to the super-villain Hamill played in Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back.

It is heartening to see that Smith hasn't lost his sense of humor in the wake of his recent health problems. If laughter is the best medicine, then Smith appears to doing a fair job of healing himself and bringing joy to his followers in the process. It may not be quite as effective as a Jedi Knight using the Force to heal themselves but it seems to be getting the job done. Hopefully Smith will be back to work soon enough... even if he doesn't get that Bacta tank.

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