Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes to Guest Star on The Flash

Kevin Smith and his long-time collaborator Jason Mewes will be guest starring on The Flash, in an episode Smith also directed.

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes will both appear on The Flash. The fourth season of The Flash may be over halfway done, but there is still a lot to look forward to in the remaining episodes. Next week will feature Iris as a speedster, facing off with a fire controlling metahuman played by Max Adler. There's also the addition of several more characters from the comics, the identity of the new Flash on Earth-3, and the eventual identity of the Mystery Girl to look forward to in the next few weeks.

And there is the seventeenth episode being directed by Kevin Smith. Smith has been directing episodes of The Flash since the second season and is often a fan favorite director. A long time comic book fan, Smith brings a lot of joy to the episodes of both The Flash and Supergirl that he directes, often adding his own personal touch. His first episode of Supergirl featured his daughter Harley Quinn Smith in a prominent role - and a tip of the hat to the Superman movie Smith wrote a screenplay for which was never made. And his first episode of The Flash included a couple of cameos from Smith's long time friend and collaborator Jason Mewes.


Now it looks like Mewes will be appearing on the show once more, this time with Smith by his side. As revealed on a recent edition of Smith's podcast Fatman on Batman, both Smith and Mewes will be playing security guards in the Smith directed episode - titled "Null and Annoyed".

Mewes and Smith have often appeared side by side on screen as comedic weed dealers Jay and Silent Bob in Smith's movies. The background characters from Smith's first film Clerks grew so popular with fans as they helped connect Smith's earlier movies into one universe that they eventually became the main focus in the film Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. While Smith says that they are not specifically playing Jay and Silent Bob on The Flash he did admit that Mewes has all the dialogue while he remains... well, silent. There is no confirmation as to whether Mewes is playing the same character he played in season two, a man who complained about Big Belly Burger before watching his Mom's car get totaled by Girder.

Smith would have finished his work on the episode well before his recent near-fatal heart attack. While he is still recovering from the ordeal, it will be nice for fans to get to see him on one of his favorite TV shows. And hopefully once he is feeling up to it, Smith will return to direct more episodes of The Flash, Supergirl, and maybe the other Arrowverse shows as well.


The Flash returns to The CW with "Run Iris, Run" on March 13 at 8 pm. "Null and Annoyed" has no announced air date at this time.

Source: Fatman on Batman

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