Kevin Smith is Recovering After Near-Fatal Heart Attack

Kevin Smith in The Prequels Strike Back

UPDATE: Kevin Smith has posted a more comprehensive recap of the incident on his Facebook page.

Actor and director Kevin Smith reveals he is recovering in the hospital after suffering a near-fatal heart attack.

Best known for his work on movies and shows like Clerks and Supergirl, the 47-year-old was on tour with his comedy roadshow when the incident happened. The outspoken celebrity is lucky to be alive, but seems to be responding well after the serious heart attack this morning (February 26).

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Taking to Twitter, the New Jersey-born actor shared a selfie from his hospital bed to let fans know he is still alive after canceling his second show of the night to go to the hospital. Check out his post in the space below:

Pictured with a series of tubes inside him at 3 a.m. ET/midnight PT, Smith at least seemed to be taking his brush with death in his stride and trying to find the funny side of it. Fans sent their love across social media, and among those who wished him a speedy recovery were stars like Patricia Arquette, Mark Millar, and Chris Pratt. Smith is also a frequent guest on AMC's The Talking Dead, where host Chris Hardwick wrote, “Holy s—. @ThatKevinSmith seems to be okay but he almost wasn’t. Kev is a wonderful force of good and humor in this world and I’m proud to be his friend. We are lucky we didn’t lose him so PLEASE send him HUGS!!!"

The incident happened between two performances at California's Alex Theatre in Glendale. Smith was there for a ticketed show of Kevin Smith Live! and had already appeared once. He was supposed to show up at both 6 and 9pm, but was rushed to hospital in the middle when the heart attack happened. He also cited that if he hadn't canceled the second show, he wouldn't still be alive today.

As well as hosting Comic Book Men for AMC, Smith is an advocate for the likes of the DCEU and even threw his hat in the ring to direct the upcoming Flashpoint. Concocting his own Smithverse with Clerks, Mallrats, and Dogma, he has recently branched into horror with his work on Tusk, Holidays, and Red State. Aside from being an accomplished filmmaker, Smith is actually so much of a comic book fan, he even named his actress daughter Harley Quinn Smith after the famous Batman villain. Thankfully, Smith seems to be on the mend after his "widow-maker" heart attack, but it is currently unknown how/if it will affect his upcoming schedule of TV appearances and comic book commentary. Alongside the rest of Smith's fans, we wish him all the best at this difficult time.

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