Kevin Smith Thinks Hawkeye Getting His Own TV Show is a Terrible Idea

Kevin Smith is not at all interested in a Hawkeye TV show, and said as much recently on his podcast. While the character's absence from Avengers: Infinity War had some fans wishing for his return, clearly that's not how everyone feels.

The recent announcement that Loki and Scarlet Witch would be receiving their own limited series on Disney's as yet to launch streaming service no doubt has fans wondering what other MCU characters might get their own spinoffs. Marvel's confirmed that Thor's adopted brother and Vision's love would not be the only characters to have shows on the new streaming service, but so far, no other announcements have been made.

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While brainstorming the most ideal MCU characters to receive such treatment on his Fatman Beyond podcast (via Cinema Blend), Smith shot down a suggestion from the audience that posited Hawkeye as the star of his own vehicle:

Oh, God, come on. Didn't they take like...Remember in the middle of Age of Ultron, they showed us a whole episode of The Hawkeye Show and nobody wanted to watch it? We all tried to change the channel but it was a movie so we had to sit through it and shit. Yeah, the Hawkeye show I'd be interested in is like, [in the] opening episode he gets killed, and we spend the rest of the episodes with everyone going, 'He was a pretty good guy.' And then they go on some adventure and shit like that.

To be fair, while Smith's answer sounds flip, he goes on to make the point that despite being wicked cool in combat and possessed of a loyal fanbase, Hawkeye simply doesn't have the enduring popularity to ensure the return on investment Disney would require from such a venture. He and co-host Marc Bernardin also discussed the merits of a Yondu series that either brought him back to life or simply explored his backstory, as well as a similar idea surrounding Bucky Barnes' life as the Winter Soldier prior to reuniting with Steve Rogers. They also practically salivated at an audience suggestion about a series that explored the life of King T'Chaka during his days as Black Panther in the 90s.

Listening to those suggestions, Smith's disdain for the idea of a Hawkeye series makes more practical sense than comes across upon first reading of that quote. While there are loyal Hawkeye fans who want the archer to have a solo movie. and even Jeremy Renner's expressed his support for such an outing, the idea of a series - even a limited one - surrounding the character seems like a recipe for disappointment. On an unrelated note, the above quote should go a ways toward dispelling the notion that Smith is on the Marvel payroll and his positive opinions have been purchased ahead of time.

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Source: Fatman Beyond (via Cinema Blend)

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